Mcdonald’s Net Worth 2018

Mcdonald’s is one of the most famous fast-food restaurants on earth. It is an American company which is one of the world’s largest hamburger and fast-food restaurant chain. The company has grown drastically in seven decades. Currently, the chain has 36,900 outlets in about 100 countries. Mcdonald’s was established in the year 1940 and it grew drastically over the years to have 69 million customers daily. At present, the company has 1.9 million employees.

Early Life

The company was established by Richard and Maurice McDonald who were brothers. The first outlet of the company was opened in 1398 North E Street at West 14th Street in San Bernardino. They introduced the Speedee Service System to their hamburger business in 1948. On May 4, 1961, the company filed for a trademark on the name of McDonald’s.

Mcdonald’s Net Worth

In the next few years, there was a friction between the founding brothers. The company expanded themselves from just a burger firm to sell milkshakes, breakfast, desserts, wraps, and cold drinks.

The company has been a subject of public debate because of their food causing obesity, their corporate ethics, and consumer responsibility. McDonald’s have many thousands of restaurants around the world and since 1994, you cannot smoke in them. In 2006, McDonald’s redesigned all their restaurants as part of the “Forever Young” movement. They had not undergone any renovation since the year 2015. The company wanted to design a trendy modern cafe shop like Starbucks.

One of the biggest critiques of this company is that they make unhealthy food. They have blamed for increasing obesity in countries like America, Canada, and the United States. BBC named McDonald’s as the second largest private employer after Walmart with 1.5 million workers.

In the year 2013, McDonald’s opened its first vegetarian restaurants in India. McDonald’s has become a sign of globalisation around the world. They have established their restaurants in places of historic importance. A good example would be McDonald’s shops in the underground premises of the Louvre.

McDonald’s currently owns of all its properties. The business plan of McDonald’s is different from country to country. Right now the headquarters of the company is located in Oak Brook, Illinois. Their current CEO of McDonald’s is Stephen J. Easterbrook. The McDonald’s Corp. currently engages in management and franchise of the fast food chain. A few years ago McDonald’s launched their app and promo codes for the US. The official app and website to order from McDonald’s have been opened in other countries.

Net Worth of Mcdonald’s

McDonald’s was named as the top 2000 companies according to Forbes in 2017. Currently according to 2017 Mcdonald’s net worth is around $106.4 billion US dollars. McDonald’s has sales worth $24.62 billion.

McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast chain restaurants on earth. It has been successful in beating its competitors like Starbucks, KFC, and Burger King. Their sales records of the previous year look promising and they would stay ahead of their competitors. McDonald’s has won the hearts of many and is gaining loyal customers daily. The brand is an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world.