Steven Pienaar Net Worth 2018

Who is Steven Pienaar and what is his net worth 2018? One of the most famous football players of South Africa, Steven Jerome Pienaar was born on 17 March 1982 in Johannesburg South Africa. He is considered to be a professional footballer who played for the Sunderland as the midfielder. He was the former captain of the South African national team.

For his incredible play, Pienaar has been chosen to play for various other teams like Ajax Cape Town, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Tottenham Hotspur and Everton. He played in a smaller scale for ajax cape town in the year 1999-2000. Being one of the talented players his talent was recognised very soon and made his international debut in the year 2002 for South Africa in a 2–0 win against Turkey.

Steven Pienaar Net Worth

Net Worth of Steven Pienaar

Steven Pienaar was one of those players who went through a series of changes in life that has finally made him worthy of both national and international stage. As of now, he is one of the famous icons of South Africa in the field of Sports. With an annual income of $5 million, his net worth is over $10 million.

It is interesting to note that a football player from such country has made himself capable of earning that much of amount. He used to have more command and worth during his peak ages in a football career. Although he may not be in his shining periods he continues to influence and the performance of his team in a considerable manner and that is what earns him so much net worth.

Steven Pienaar is rather on a conservative side from western points of view. Living in a two-storey building, one can see that he rather loves his original place this is reflected in the interior of his house. Marble finished house, the floors are shining and the tables are made of graphite that gives a sophisticated look. To make the surrounding close to the homeland, he possesses the statue of an elephant and other local stuff followed by a picture of Nelson Mandela.

He has a great taste of car. He currently owns an Aston martin model and is known to have a passion for driving. He has been caught many times for over speeding, driving while on alcohol and abusing traffic rules. He was even been arrested for not turning up on the court for the speeding case. But other than that he is passionate about cars and loves to have the latest one. But not only his car, his house also reflects the same fanciness when you get to explore his house. The details of his house interior are based on the report by goal digger. The interiors are well furnished and lovely.


● Ajax Cape town-Starting his professional career with Ajax Cape Town, he joined their youth academy after being shortlisted for the school of excellence. He dedicates his success to Leo Van Veen and is grateful for his contribution. He managed to secure the Rothman’s cup beating Orlando Pirates by 4-1 on 13 December 2000.

● Ajax – moveing on to Ajax in Netherlands. It was his first European club. At the age of 18, he played a pivotal role, leading his club to win Dutch League in 2002. He played a major role again in the year 2004 for Ajax to grab another Butch League cup.

● Bourmus Dortmund – Pienaar’s career skyrocketed when he joined the german club Bourmus Dortmund. But alas, he failed to prove his mettle in his short stay of 2 years in the club.

● Everton and Sunderland – His move to Everton with a loan from Dortmund and eventual transfer to Everton lead him to make a great impression in the English league. The major breakthrough came in after he joined the club Tottenham Hotspur. But he failed to gather the limelight due to persistent injuries. Currently, he is playing for the club Sunderland.

Pienaar dated a young model Danielle Steeneveld and had two children Aaliyah and Skyla. The couple broke out resulting in a scandal where the woman sued him for not marrying him. It costs him around $770,000.

Steven Jerome Pienaar continues to play an influential role even after the 30s and is great sports player even after many getting his name involved in many scandals.