Deion Sanders Net Worth 2019

Who is Deion Sanders and what is his net worth 2019? For Americans, football and baseball are the ultimate sporting events. They are undisputedly two of the most watched and followed sports across the United States of America . One of the most prominent names that can be associated with both of these popular events is Deion Sanders. Popularly known by his numerous nick-names like “Prime Time” and “Neon Deion, he is a multi-faceted Athlete who has made his presence felt in the American football and baseball arena with his illustrious track record of careers spanning 14 years and 9 years respectively , in both the sports.

Thus, it is evident that Sanders has had quite a few ventures and associations over his illustrious career and post that. So now, let us take a plunge into this legendary athlete’s life to gain some insight into how he started off and grew, escalating to this current position.

Deion Sanders Net Worth

Early Life

Deion Luywnn Sanders Sr. was born on August 9, 1967, Fort Myers, Florida, to Mims Sanders and Connie Knight. His mother later married Willie Knight, who played an integral role in positively influencing and shaping Deion’s life. In 1985, Sanders was named to the Florida High School Association All-Century Team. Although he was given an offering from The Kansas City Royals , he did not accept it.

Having enrolled at Florida State University , he played football, baseball, and track for the Florida State Seminoles. Right in his early years, he was noted for his incredible Athletic capacity and stamina, when he once played the first game of a baseball doubleheader, ran a leg of a 4 × 100 relay and then returned to play another baseball game.

Over the span of his life, Sanders has been involved in two marriages — to Carolyn Chambers for 11 years , with whom he shares two children , and to Pilar Biggers-Sanders for 13 years with whom he has three children .

Put in a nutshell, it would be right to say that Deion Sanders has had an illustrious track-record and an enviable history as an Athlete. He was known for his super-human stamina, power and agility. Along with his career, he traversed the courses of the two-most popular sports in the USA- baseball and football.

Although, Sander’s only had a 9 year part-time stint with baseball , which included playing left and center field in 641 games, in these 9 years, he made his legacy in it. As an outfielder, he played for the New York Yankees, the Atlanta Braves, the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants, and participated in the 1992 World Series with the Braves.

However, due to the series of events, where teams vying for him manipulated and exploited contracts , he was seen playing for the Reds,The Syracuse Chiefs and the Washington Redskins in an on and off manner at different points in time. This inconsistency and the advice of people urging him to focus on one sport, led him to retire from professional baseball and focus completely on Football.

In his 14-years Football career as a part of the NFL , Sanders played football primarily at cornerback , along with being kick returner, punt returner and occasionally as the wide receiver. He was a part of numerous teams in the NFL, having made appearances for the Atlanta Falcons, the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens, winning the Super Bowl with both the 49ers and the Cowboys.

He set and broke numerous records, including – 19 defensive and return touchdowns, at that point in time. He was selected to eight Pro Bowls and won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award in 1994. Apart from being the only man to play in both a Super Bowl and a World Series, to hit an MLB home run and score an NFL touchdown in the same week , he also had both, a reception and an interception in the Super Bowl. He is also one of two players to ever score an NFL touchdown in six different ways.

All of these incredible feats made him a Legend with an illustrious Legacy which in turn saw him being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

Net Worth of Deion Sanders

Sanders was a true businessman who leveraged his image and influence , extending his domain into the media as well as pop culture in order to make a few extra bucks.

While being a full-time athlete(where he amassed a significant amount of his fortune), he has garnered a net worth of approximately $45 million through numerous other ventures and engagements. For example: Multiple media appearances in TV commercials for major brands like as Nike and Pepsi, as the official spokesman of the Sega Sports line of video games and he even had a stint in Pop music wherein as a rapper, he appeared Hammer’s music video as “Prime Time”, and “Straight to My Feet” from the Street Fighter soundtrack – which charted #57 in the UK.

Inspite of having had to shut down the training Academy he had started( The Prep Academy Chartered School) – due to financial insolvency, Sanders has tried his hand at almost everything , ranging from rapping to acting in reality and TV shows and hosting some to the significant amount he ropes in , in the role of an NFL Analyst. All this combined together, Deion Sanders is pegged to be worth an estimated $45 million.

From all the aforementioned facts it is evident that Deion Sanders has carved his name in the history of American Football and Baseball, as a legend. Like the lives of any other prominent celebrity/public figure, he’s also had his fair share of ups and downs, times of glory and prestige. However he has survived and emerged victorious with his Legacy that has set benchmarks in the sporting arena and is an inspiration to all budding and aspiring Athletes.