Tony Bellew Net Worth 2019

Who is Tony Bellew and what is his net worth 2019? Born on 30th November, 1982 Anthony Tony Bellew is a British Professional boxer. He was born in Liverpool, Merseyside in England. He is a Bi- racial. His father is a white and his mother is a black and he has a younger brother named John.

At the age of 20, Bellew has taken interest in boxing and thereby started his fighting practice in Dock rings. Though he has chosen fights for fun later he made this into a career .He made his professional boxing debut on 6th October, 2007. He has also acted in the film Creed in the year 2015 where he has starred as a Pretty Ricky Conlan.
Tony has been engaged to his childhood friend Rachel whom he has known from 9 years of age.

Tony Bellew Net Worth

Though he has dated some girls in high school he has found his soul mate at the age of 17 and they both are UN- breakable ever since. Though they are not married, he calls her his wife. The couple has three sons whom Bellew considers as his Lucky charm.

Net Worth of Tony Bellew

He made a net worth of $13 million and receives an annual salary of $2.5 million. The only income to Bellow is through his boxing career which is approximately $ 3,440,000. For each match depending upon his opponent he earns about $1 million – $10 Million.

After every match, Tony is seen to be relaxing in his convertible. If possible he enjoys the win with his beloved family and their favourite place is Miami Beach and of course Vegas.

He owns a New Mercedes Benz GLE . When an interviewer asked about his disinterest in cars, he said his earnings are only for his kids and not for his luxurious spending. He is currently living along with his fiance and sons in Aughton, Lancashire.


Bellew has claimed Novice ABA titles for both the years 2002 and 2003 in Liver pool’s Rotunda ABC. He has won 7 out of 10 rounds in that particular event which lead him to take part in senior championships. Then he has started 91 Kg heavy lifting class and thereby added some more medals to his building career.

He made a winning start to his professional boxing career in 2007 by fighting against Jamie Ambler. In the same year, he has won against Adam Wilcox, Cardiff and Wayne Brooks. Thereby he has captured hearts of many people from his home land.

Up to 2010 he has no lose matches. In 2008 he made his mark of 8-0 by winning against Paul Bonson, Ayitey Powers, Hastings Rasani, Jevgenjis, Andrejevs and Phil Goodwin. He has stepped up a ladder by advancing to unbeaten 12-0 in 2009 by defeating Matthew Ellis, Nick Okoth, Jindrich Velecky and Martial bella.

In 2010 he has lost a match against Bob Ajisafe in Vacant Common wealth title at beating of Light Heavyweight in Liverpool. In the same year he has lost other match with Oval McKenzie by 2 knockdowns. Thus his overall career has 29 wins against 2 losses. Out of 32 fights he has won 19 matches by knockouts and lost 1; he has won 10 matches by decision and lost 1.

Tony Bellew Titles’:

• Bellew has won Vacant WBC cruiser weight title against IIunga Makabu in 2016.
• He has also won vacant European Cruise weight title against Mateusz Masternak in the year 2015.
• In the year 2014, he has won WBO international cruise weight title against Valery Brudov.
• In 2012, he has won both WBC Silver and international in light heavy weight section.
• He won vacant British Light heavy weight title in the year 2011 against Ovill McKenzie.
• In 2010, Bellew won vacant common wealth light-heavy weight title against Atoll Moore.