Billy Joe Saunders Net Worth 2018

Who is Billy Joe Saunders and what is his net worth 2018? Billy Joe Saunders was born on August 30, 1989. He is a professional British boxer. He is not an amateur boxer now but when he was an amateur boxer, he was ranked second in the Olympics in the welterweight bracket. He represented Great Britain in the Olympics of 2008.

Early Life

He was born in Chestnut but raised in Romanichal travelling community that is close to Hatfield, Hertfordshire. He was inspired with his great grandfather who was community’s best bare buckle boxers. The name of his great grandfather was Absolom Beeney. His career was very inspiring as well.

Billy Joe Saunders Net Worth

He won 2007 Commonwealth Championships and his first amateur 49 fights that he fought while being in the senior level.

Net Worth of Billy Joe Saunders

His current net worth is $2 million. His earnings come mainly from his matches. His yearly income has an estimate of around $360 thousand. He charges $180 thousand per fight. He also get his income from multifarious endorsements and sponsorship of health and sports products. That is the reason why he has made such a fortune at such an age. He has invested some money as well that is giving him positive results as of now. So, his net worth is constantly increasing.

Billy Joe Saunders has a life that as of travellers. He was never much fond of cars but of caravans. Still he owns few luxury cars and house in Great Britain. He drives Mercedes if he wants to get between any two places. He also has one Mini Cooper that he uses for commuting. He has two houses in United States whose locations has not been revealed by Billy Joe Saunders or his manager.

Billy Joe Saunders was an amateur boxer and that time, he got money from Olympics awards and advertisements. Now, since he is a professional boxer, he is now getting money from the match salary. He gets paid per match. He is paid around 360 thousand USD for just playing the match. He also get extra income if he wins the match.

Other than this, he is also raising money from gifts, and advertisements. He is sponsoring many brands of the world and it has become the major portion of his total net worth. Billy Joe Saunders model is just like a sportsman model for earning more money. After they get the fame in that field, they starts to get the offers from many brands for advertisement. Billy Joe Saunders followed the same business model.

His best performance can be seen when he was playing amateur boxing. In Olympics 2008, he had the greatest performance. He played till his best and this match was worth matching. This match tells the making of Billy Joe Saunders.

When his professional boxing began, one should watch the match he played with Mike Tyson. Although Mike Tyson won the match, but Billy Joe Saunders really gave him one of the toughest fight Mike Tyson have ever faced in his whole life.

Billy Joe Saunders has been ranked as the world’s fourth best middleweight. He has secured rank 4 in this category according to the magazine The Ring Magazine. Apart from The Ring Magazine, even Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and BoxRec also ranked him at number 4 rank in the same category. As per the sources of BoxRec, and as given in the record of BoxRec, he is ranked as the second best middleweight in the United Kingdom.

Billy Joe Saunders is earning name and fame in the professional boxing. After leaving or resigning from the amateur boxing, he is unable to take part in Olympics but his name is never forgotten. He is now a professional boxer who has been climbing the name and fame since he became the professional boxer. He is one of the fastest earning boxers after Mike Tyson in the contemporary world. He is surely an inspiration to anyone who thinks that a sportsman can earn a living just by playing his favourite sports. That is the reason why he has become an inspirational sportsperson of the Great Britain. There have been many discussions on TV about Billy Joe Sanders. We wish him good luck for his future matches.