Terrell Owens Net Worth 2019

Who is Terrell Owens and what is his net worth 2019? Terrell Owens popularly known as T. O. is a retired American football player. He is a six-time pro bowl selection who holds several NFL (National Football League) records. He has produced 15,934 receiving yards in his career, making it the second highest in NFL history. With 153 touchdowns received, he is also the third to do it in NFL history. He was signed to Philadelphia Eagles and then later to Dallas Cowboys. He has also played for Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills. In Indoor Football league of 2012, Owens was a player for Allen Wranglers.

Early Life

Terrell Eldorado Owens was born on December 7, 1973, in Alexander City, Alabama. He was born to parents Marilyn Heard and LC Russel. Owens has three other siblings and was raised by his grandmother and his mother. As a child, he used to enjoy watching football; however, his grandmother prohibited him from playing until high school. One of his favorite players during his childhood was Jerry Rice.

Terrell Owens Net Worth

He went to Benjamin Russell High School where he used to play basketball, baseball, football, and track. He was selected to play football in his high school football team when one of his teammates became ill and missed the game. He then went to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and used to play basketball and football. He also got the opportunity to play in the NCAA basketball Tournament in 1995. Considering Jerry Rice as his idol, he used to wear #80 jersey. During his year in the college, he also partook in the Senior Bowl, which was for preparing college seniors for NFL draft.

Terrell Owens has got four children namely Mike Float, Atlin Owens, Dasha Owens and Kylee Owens. He has been sued the mother of his daughter for not paying child support in September 2011. Another of his children’s mother claimed that Owens has not been paying child support to her in May 2012.

He was drafted in the 1996 NFL draft by San Francisco 49ers in 89th overall. His first game was against New Orleans Saints, and he recorded his first catch against Carolina Panthers in September 1996. He recorded a 45-yard touchdown against Cincinnati Bengals in October 1996. In 1999, he had four touchdowns and 754 receiving yards. In December 2000, he had a record breaking day with 20 catches for 283 yards against Chicago Bears. In 2004, Owens was traded with Baltimore Ravens in the second round pick. However, he became a free agent and decided to sign the contract with Philadelphia Eagles.

In the Philadelphia Eagles, there was always a rift between him and the club with regards to his contract signing. In 2006, Philadelphia Eagles released him and he signed a contract with Dallas Cowboys. In November 2007, he created another record with four touchdown catches over Washington Redskins. In 2009, he was released from the Cowboys and got signed by Buffalo Bills. In 2010, he again got signed to Cincinnati Bengals. He had an amazing game with 10 receptions and 222 yards against Cleveland Browns.

Throughout his career, Terrell Owens has made several records in NFL history. He is the only player to score a TD over all 32 teams. He is also the only player to hit two or more touchdowns against all the teams.

Net Worth of Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens has seen many ups and downs in his career. At one time, he was signed in for millions by clubs. Terrence Owens’s net worth is an estimated $75 million. His contract with the Eagles was worth $49 million. In 2004, he made $9 million, followed by $4.5 million in 2005. In 2006, his contract with Dallas Cowboys was worth $25 million with a salary of $5 million in the first year. His contract with Buffalo Bills for a year was $6.5 million and with Cincinnati Bengals, it was for $2 million. Apart from that, he was also seen in the show ‘The T. O. Show’ on VH1. He also launched a podcast called ‘Time Out with T. O.’ in 2013.

Despite having made many records, Terrell Owens has involved in many controversies. He was in controversy with the Philadelphia Eagles for making statements in an ESPN interview. He was involved in a spat with DeAngelo Hall of Atlanta Falcons.