Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth 2019

Who is Lin-Manuel Miranda and what is his net worth 2019? Lin-Manuel Miranda is a renowned screenplay writer, actor, and music composer. He is best known for his contribution in In the Heights and Hamilton. He has won numerous awards for his works as an actor and writer throughout his career.

Early Life

Lin-Manuel Miranda was born to Luz Towns and Luis A. Miranda (Junior) in Upper Manhattan (USA). Lin-Manuel Miranda has one older sibling, his elder sister Luz Miranda. Luz Miranda is also one of the founding members of MirRam Group. His name initials ‘Lin-Manuel’ came from the poem ‘Nana Roja Para Mi Hijo Lin Manuel’.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth

Lin-Manuel Miranda grew up in Inwood, New York (USA) but would visit his grandparents once a year in Puerto Rican. Lin-Manuel Miranda completed schooling from ‘Hunter College Elementary School’ and graduated from ‘Hunter College’. Lin-Manuel Miranda also attended and completed graduation from Wesleyan University.

During his time at the Wesleyan University, he wrote and performed for many musical acts. He also co-created a company called the Freestyle Love Supreme that was popular for their hip hop style comedy acts.

Net Worth of Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda Net Worth is around $11 million. While in University, he worked on his first musical ‘In the Heights’. In the Height hit the Broadway Stage in 2007 and went on to be one of the best successful musicals till 2009 and throughout the stage play ‘In the Heights’ made more than $30 million. Being inspired by the life of Alexander Hamilton ‘Lin-Manuel Miranda’ wrote the musical Hamilton. Hamilton is the 2nd Broadway Show that earned above $1.5 million for the Labor Day (first being the Lion King). Through the stage play, Hamilton has grossed over $75 million.

During his time in the university, he founded the Freestyle Love Supreme. He has been a writer, an actor and a composer throughout his career. His musicals ‘In the Heights’ and the theater play ‘Hamilton’ have been the most successful artworks till date in his career. Apart from being an artist, he has been a high school teacher. He also used to support himself by working part time by composing music for political advertising during his University days.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s portfolio is filled with plenty of Theatre plays and musicals for which he had won several awards including Tony Awards and Grammy Awards. Some of his musical stage plays like Hamilton have won a Grammy Award and Tony Award.

● In the Heights (Discography)
● 21 Chump Street (Discography)
● Hamilton (Discography and theater play)
● Les Miserables (Theatre play)
● The Polar Bear’s (Short film)

Hamilton an American musical is a musical play written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Initially, the Hamilton was broadcasted at the Public Theatre in 2015. Afterward, in the same year, the show premiered on Broadway at the Richards Rodgers Theater. Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired by the autobiography of Alexander Hamilton (written by Ron Chernow). During its time on Broadway on stage premiere, the show was highly appreciated and became one of the highest-grossing theater play in the history.

Throughout his career, he has won several international awards like Grammy, Tony Awards and has been nominated for the Academy Award as well. Lin-Manuel Miranda has received the Hall of fame star on Puerto Rico Walk of Fame. The Time magazine has also listed him as one of the ‘100 World’s Most Influential People’. Having achieved heights of success, he is still not looking forward to his retirement.

He continues playing Alexander Hamilton in his most famous play ‘Hamilton’. His fans are waiting for his upcoming movie ‘Mary Poppins Return’. This movie’s story background is set in 1930’s and will make its debut in 2018 where he would be playing an influential character as a street lamplighter.