Johnny Depp Net Worth 2019

Who is Johnny Depp and what is his net worth 2019? Johnny Depp is one of those actors who have re-defined the term perfectionist in Hollywood Industry. He has been casted in a huge variety of roles, from Willi Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Captain Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean series. The biggest tragedy is that despite him being perfect in every role given to him, he hasn’t won an Academy Award till now.

Early Life

Johnny Depp was born on June 9th 1963 into a typical “blue-collar” family in Owensboro, Kentucky. His father, John Sr. was a city engineer while his mother Betty Sue was a waitress. He has two sisters Christine and Debbie (Johnny’s personal manager) and a brother Danny (who works as a scriptwriter).

Johnny Depp Net Worth

He was born into a family struggling with money issues. It took his father quite some time to find a job which would support his whole family. They were forced to live in a string of motel rooms and had to move no less than 12 times before their fortunes took a turn for the good.

At just 16, Depp dropped out of high school and started focusing on his music. In the late 70’s when punk rock was at its peak, Depp joined a band named “The Flame” and succeeded in securing few gigs at few Florida nightclubs. The band prospered and changed their name to “The Kids” which lead to more fame and they started playing support to stars like Talking Heads and Iggy Pop. They relocated to LA in search of recording contracts.

While living in LA, Depp met and married his first wife Lori Anne Allison who was a makeup artist. She had a hunch that Depp have a future in acting. She introduced him to her friend Nicolas Cage. Cage helped him get a role in “Nightmare on Elm Street” and the rest as you know is history.

Education: Depp was a really poor high school student which can partially be because of his troubled family history. He started smoking at just 12 and used it as an excuse to divert his mind away from his problems. He was suspended numerous times which in turn made him develop habits like petty thefts and vandalism. One day he got a guitar as a gift from his mother, and Depp would lock himself in his room and teach himself how to play. Soon it became on obsession and a dream to become a musical sensation.

At just 16, he decided to drop out of high school so that he would be able to focus on his music. In the late 70’s when punk rock was at the height of his popularity, he joined a punk band called “The flame”. While he might not have become a punk rock sensation like he dreamt, he became something much bigger as destiny had other plans for him.

Net Worth of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has an estimated net worth of $450 million. Is there any celebrity who lives a more lavish lifestyle than Johnny Depp? It has been reported that he spends $2 million per month on his grooming, eating expensive food, drinking fine wine and taking care of his body. In 2012, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest paid actor. In 2015 he was inducted as a Disney Legend.

He has been casted in numerous blockbuster movies which have helped him immensely in stacking up his net worth. Pirates of Caribbean, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Tourist, Alice in Wonderland are few examples of perfectionist that Depp has displayed by his roles over the years. Not only does he earn through movies, he is still a rock star and performs a few gigs here and there.

As I have already mentioned, Depp has a luxurious lifestyle. He has two amazing mansions and a mammoth villa. His first mansion is named “Somerset Mansion” which is a classic 150 year old mansion in Somerset, England. It is located amid Quantock Hills and is as grand as it gets. While his second mansion, “West Hollywood Mansion” is in West Hollywood California and was purchased in 1996. It looks nothing less than a spectacular castle. His third house is a villa named “Plan-de-la Villa” and was purchased in 1998 as a vacation home for his kids. It is located in Plan de la Tour which is a small village situated in southeastern France.

He also owns a yacht which he calls as “Vajoliroja yacht” and is formed by the first two letters of his family members (Vanessa, Johnny, Lily Rose, and seven-year-old Jack). The yacht is available for rest at around $130K during high season and around $110K during low season. Apart from a yacht, he also owns a 1959 Corvette which is his personal favourite car.

Not only does he own luxurious houses and a yacht, he is also a proud owner of an Island. Yes, you read it right, Depp owns a 45-acre tropical paradise named “Little Hall’s Pond Cay” which he purchased in 2004. This is his favourite holiday destination and visits it once every few months to spend time with loved ones.

Not only he is a successful actor and a punk rock sensation, he is also a successful producer. In 2004, he started his production company Infinitum Nihil where he serves as an actor/producer as well as the founder and CEO while Christi (his sister) serves as President.

His success in movies hasn’t reduced his passion for music one bit; he can still be seen featuring in music videos here and there, and he has also had cameos as a guitarist in various albums released by successful artists like Oasis, Paul McCartney and The Pogues over the years. He is also a fond in wines and grows grapes and has a wine preparing facility in his wineyard while he also owns a restaurant-bar in Paris.

Is there any other actor in Hollywood who has been casted in such a huge variety of roles like Johnny Depp?? Despite his excellence in all of his roles, he hasn’t received an Academy Award yet. But that hasn’t demotivated him or stopped him from giving classics one after the other. Audience is eagerly waiting for his next flick “Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Be sure to be in for a treat as it will be as spectacular as its prequels.