Harrison Ford Net Worth 2019

Who is Harrison Ford and what is his net worth 2019? The Star Wars actor really knows how to add zeroes in his account. The marvellous performance of Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars will always be remembered by his fans.

Early Life

The American actor-producer was born in 1942 in Chicago. Ford was born in an ordinary family. His father was a former actor and used to do other jobs as well while his mother used to make a living from radio back then. Getting inspired by his mother’s radio career, he turned his head towards California’s radio station but the luck as not on his side then. However, he managed to bag a temporary job in Columbia Pictures, which was a giant in the entertainment arena at that time. He went on doing short roles in Columbia Productions for a long while without getting any credit.

Harrison Ford Net Worth


Ford’s first credited work was in the movie A Time for Killing‘, which got released in the year 1967. But, this was not at all his life changing work. His career graph was still pathetic and he finally decided to choose Universal Studios and work in the TV serials. He was making a living but deep inside he was disappointed as his true potential was still masked. His career graph was falling and he had to take some serious decision. He went back to his normal life and chose the Carpentry career.

He had to support his own family and the carpentry job was doing well for him. Ford provided his services to various cinema personalities and finally, he got to serve George Lucas one fine day which indeed made him take a U-Turn and come back to the cinema world. George gave him powerful roles in the successful movies like American Graffiti and Star Wars. Ford finally came into the limelight and got what he always deserved. The never looked back and went on giving exemplary performances since then.

Education: Ford received his basic education in the US. He was neither great in studies nor in sports. Ford was often bullied by his fellow students and seniors for his introvert behaviour. Ford completed his graduation from Wisconsin located Ripon College. He was even expelled in his college days.

Harrison Ford’s Best Performances

• The Mosquito Coast
• Witness
• Raiders of the Lost Ark
• Patriot Games
• Star Wars
• The Fugitive

Net Worth of Harrison Ford

He has a net worth of $240 Million? Aha, well deserved! From a struggling actor tag to the carpentry job and then return back to the cinema and achieving stardom in an awe-inspiring manner definitely deserve a round of applause. The Star Wars actor has come a long way. In fact, Ford is counted among the Hollywood legends who have grossed extravagantly through their super successful movies. Ford has done above 70 Hollywood movies receiving credit as an actor. Most of his movies were classics and touched the hearts of cinema enthusiasts.

Once Harrison Ford’s career graph took a boom, it never looked below. Ford has done several classic movies minting huge money. According to a survey, the total gross of the films in which Ford has made a vital appearance is around $6 Billion – not bad. In Jackson Hole, he owns an 800 acre ranch. In NYC, Ford owns a lavish loft with a dining space of 50×30. He also owns luxury cars, private planes, and helicopters along with the respective licenses. Ford’s latest Vancouver investment, the waterfront property worth $13,000,000 was also in buzz recently.

Harrison Ford is not involved in any kind of business other than film production. His earnings as an actor and producer are more than enough to let him live an extravagantly lavish lifestyle and his assets say it all. The two movies that gave the executive production credit to Ford are Extraordinary Measures and K-19 – The Widowmaker.

Ford’s reel life character in Indiana Jones resembles his real life one as he is an avid traveller, an adventure seeker, a self-made man with multiple skills and a great practical knowledge. We hope he rises more and more in the near future and keep us entertained with his marvellous works maintaining his good health.