Ronnie Radke Net Worth 2018

Who is Ronnie Radke and what is his net worth 2018? Popular among the hard-rock loving youth out there. The genres of his music are pop-hardcore metalcore, emo, pop punk etc. Ronnie Radke was born in St. Rose Hospital of Las Vegas, Nevada on 15th December, 1983 with officially named as Ronald Joseph Radke. He lived with his family that includes his father Russel Radke, his elder brother Anthony James Radke and his grandmother who raised him. Her mother left the family due to some unknown reason and her name is not mentioned in any biography. His elder brother Anthony died in an accident in 2013 leaving behind wife and five children.

Ronnie was engaged to model Crissy Henderson. Ronnie and Crissy has a daughter Willow Grace Radke who was born on June 11, 2013. Unfortunately Crissy broke off with Ronnie as he confessed of having an affair when she was pregnant.

Ronnie Radke Net Worth

Education: Radke started to learn guitar and piano in his early life when he was still in school. He formed quite a few bands in highschool and started playing Blink -182 song Dammit. Ronnie is a school dropout. He ran away from home to form and play in his first band with Mitch, his friend and named the band 3.0.

They played few venues like and the Huntridge in Las Vegas. After leaving the band for better opportunity Ronnie leaved Mich and his mom’s house where he lived for sometime. According to Ronnie the next album was ‘Lefty’ and was formed with Robert Ortiz. During his second album he re entered in school and dropped out again.


In 2005, Ronnie formed a band with his friend Max Green. While performing in a talent show Ronnie met Max Green who was in the band Almost Heroes and became friends they formed a band Escape The Fate. The members of the band were Max Green(bass), Omar Espinosa (rhythm), Robert Ortiz(drums) and Monte Bryan Money(lead guitar). They performed at a radio band contest which was judged by My Chemical Romance and won it.

They got awarded to open a show on a headlining tour with the Full, Alkaline Trio and Reggie. Escape the Fate also bagged a record deal with Epitah. In 2006, the band released their first full length album Dying is your Latest Fashion.

It was the band’s pick career point when Omar had to leave the band due to some personal issues. Ronnie also was asked to leave the band in 2008, when he was accused of death of Michael Cook. Ronnie and Max were got involved with drugs and that led to a heated up argument when they ran into Cook and his friends. One of Cook’s friend brought a gun. In defense Ronnie and Max tried to snatch the gun from him which accidentally shot Cook as a result. Police arrested Ronnie as Max fled leaving him behind. He was sentenced to two years of imprisonment.

In December 2010, Ronnie formed a new band ‘From Behind these Walls’ which is currently known as Falling In Reverse. The band members got changed time to time and the current members are Zack Sandler(Bass) Derek Jones(Rhythm Guitar), Ronnie Radke(Lead Vocals), Christian Thompson(Lead Guitar), Ryan Seaman(drums) Ron Fickaro(Bass Guitar) as stated in their official site The band released two singles “the Drug In Me is You” and “raised by wolves”. The full length album “The Drug in Me is You” was finally released in June 2011 and sold 18000 copies.

As a rapper, Ronnie released rap mixtape ‘Watch Me’, in 2014.Other artistes Adam Leigh Smith(Death Upon Me), Tyler Carter(Issues), Jacobby Saddix(Papa Roach) Danny Worsnop( Asking Alexandra) etc. Radke won various awards like Best APTV Video, Vocalist of the Year by Alternative Press.

Net Worth of Ronnie Radke

The total net worth of Ronnie Radke is around $4.5 million.

The early years of Ronnie Radke were proven to be difficult and hard like rock. After all these hardships, allegations and setbacks, Ronnie Radke has emerged into a great musician and a wonderful song writer. He has become more creative with time. As per Ronnie the years of imprisonment have made him understand about how things work in life. Also, being a father made him to be a better person. He wrote many songs in jail. We can hope to see a better Ronnie Radke and his best music in nearest future.