Keith Sweat Net Worth 2019

Who is Keith Sweat and what is his net worth 2019? Keith Sweat is identified as an American based R&B as well as soul, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, radio personality, and also as a visionary of novel jack swing. Net worth of Keith Sweat is high, get more details below:

Early Life

Born in Harlem, located in New York, Keith Sweat was born to parents namely Juanita Thompson, recognised as a hairdresser, and Charles Sweat, recognised as a factory worker. Juanita took effort for upbringing of their five kids single handily after death of Charles Sweat. He served as a night stock boy in Macy’s as well as worked as mailroom worker at Paine Webber.

Keith Sweat Net Worth

In span of four years, this singer served to work on a rewarding brokerage assistant based job on New York Stock Exchange. Moreover, he too served as an administrator for New York Mercantile Exchange.


Sweat began his career in music by being an associate of Harlem band named as Jamilah in year 1975. By the support of Jamilah, this actor was capable to improve his skill being a lead singer through performance done as a regionally through the tri-State region of New York, New Jersey as well as Connecticut. This particular group was initiated by bassist named Larry Peoples, guitarist named Michael Samuels, and drummer named Walter Bradley.

Other members of this group are Peter DaCosta (in vocals), Joseph McGeachy (in sax), Dwight Banks (in trumpet), as well as Kenneth Varner (in keyboards). After he left this group in year 1984 to start a solo career, he started singing in nightclubs in New York as well as provided an opportunity to record for independent label entitled as Stadium Records.

He just recorded single tune for Stadium named as “My Mind Is Made Up”, recognised as their third release ever. However, on Stadium’s initial release, he is accredited as co-producer as well as a co-writer of “You Are The One For Me”, the recent recording created by the group GQ ever.

In year 1987, he was found out by Vincent Davis as well as presented with one recording deal through his label named as Vintertainment Records, started in year 1983 on foundations of early Hip-Hop. Moreover, it was alternatively best acknowledged for launching Joeski Love’s “Pee Wee Dance” back in year 1985.

In year 1992, this singer revealed the group named Silk, and supported to craft its debut album entitled as Lose Control, hitting at #7 on Billboard 200 album chart. This album’s single entitled as “Freak Me” made hit at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in year 1993. In that same year, this singer also found out Atlanta-based female type R&B group named Kut Klose.

Apart from this, Sweat too launched his fourth album entitled as Get Up on It during summer of year 1994, as well as launched self-titled based fifth album in year 1996. Moreover, he too created R&B supergroup named as LSG with Gerald Levert as well as Johnny Gill, and even launched the group’s self-titled debut entitled Levert.Sweat.Gill in year 1997.

Keith Sweat has two sons as well as three daughters. The singer termed his record label as Keia Entertainment, named after his younger daughter. He also has one daughter named Briana Johnson, by Tracy J. Right from year 1992 till 2002, he married to co-star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta named Lisa Wu Hartwell. With this wife, Sweat had two sons namely, Jordan and Justin.

Net Worth of Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat is essentially recognised as an American singer, actor and record producer, having net worth of $300 thousand. Being a singer and a producer, Sweat started working on his career as member of famous group named “Jamilah” during mid-70s and amassed wealth right from there. You can perceive that is most successful years in terms of wealth and fame were period from late 1980s to mid-90s, as during this, he recorded a series of top 100 hits.

Started career way back in year 1975 as a part of a band member, Keith Sweat is presently an accomplished singer. This singer is responsible for giving us many top 100 hits, relished by many.