Debbie Harry Net Worth 2019

Who is Debbie Harry and what is her net worth 2019? One of the most iconic singers of our time, Deborah Ann Harry was picture of perfection and the image of rock and roll back then and continues to be for a long time now! Made famous for her work as the person leading the international band named “Blondie,” she gave us such hits as “Rapture,” “The Tide Is High,” “Call Me,” and “Heart of Glass,” which were all No 1 on the US charts.

Early Life

Hailing from Miami, Florida and born in the year 1945, Debbie Harry made history the second they formed the band named Blondie in the 70s. This new wave music incorporated elements of punk, funk, reggae and electronica. The actual adopted child of Richard and Catherine Harry was brought up in Hawthorne, New Jersey where she sang in the city’s Church Choir.

Debbie Harry Net Worth

Two years of college was all Debbie could take before she dropped out and moved to the Big Apple. Singing in the band “Wind in the Willows,” working as a Playboy bunny and waiting tables at a popular club brought here closer to the music scene at the time.

The critically acclaimed album named Parallel Lines brought the band to the spotlight along with the disco number “Heart of Glass.” The Groups next two albums were equally famous coming out in 79 and 80 inspired by dance rap and reggae. The collaboration single named Call Me also topped the charts with a great amount of ease.

This was also featured on the OST for the movie American Gigolo in 1980. Her partner Stein took ill, which made her take time away from her music carer to take care of him. Although he got well, their relationship didn’t. But they are still people who remain friends till today.

The recent high point of the band Blondie was when they re-united and released their album named No Exit. Her Solo albums were also a great hit with her audience including the debut named “KooKoo” which was produced by Nile Rodgers in the year 1981. 2014 saw the release of the group’s tenth studio album named “Ghosts of Download”

Net Worth of Debbie Harry

Now, it won’t come as a surprise that Debbie Harry is worth a massive amount of money! Obvious contributing factors to wealth are her album sales, TV and movie appearances and related endorsements. She has an estimated net worth of $22 million.

Debbie Harry is the heart and soul of the band “Blondie” and has been the inspiration for many generations as well as being quoted in several Hollywood movies. She has been the symbol for rock and roll for so long that she will be forever synonymous with rock and roll history. She has also been a responsible person by donating to charitable causes. She has also fought for noble causes such as fair wages for musicians and more. All in all a rock legend with a heart of gold.