Anton Kreil Net Worth 2019

Who is Anton Kreil and what is his net worth 2019? Anton Kreil is extensively recognised as a formal trader previously of Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers as well as JP Morgan. Apart from that, he too runs online training classes and even provides personal mentoring. Net worth of Anton Kreil is high in millions, get further details here:

Early Life

Anton Kreil belonged to poor family background, born in year 1979. He had continued to live in tough times during his teenage years in his family. By age of 28, he took retirement from the industry of investment banking and toured round the world. While he appeared in Manchester University during his age from 18 till 21, he has studied subject of economics and started his career in field of finance, serving even at Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs.

Anton Kreil Net Worth


Anton started his initial trading account when he was of age sixteen. Though studying in university and by age of twenty, this personality had constructed an extremely lucrative portfolio as well as he got recruited by Goldman Sachs in order to work on Wall Street, afterwards coming back to London in order to trade on its Long / Short Pan European based Equities desk.

When he was of age 26, he worked as a Vice President for JP Morgan European Equities. It is known that he took retirement from the industry of Investment Banking when he was of age 28 in 2007. After touring the world, he came back to London during summer of 2008 in order to shoot BBC T.V. programme entitled as “Million Dollar Traders”.

This show was broadcasted in year 2009 and attained global cult position, getting into territories as away as Australia, hurling him into the attention throughout the resultant credit crunch.

Anton resides in London and he is known to be a Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements Global Investment as well as Trading Portfolio. Through a well-known career, he has trained several of Europe’s present chief formal traders. By the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, he even imparts his trading approaches by seminars as well as high-class private mentoring programmes.

In sequence of debatable speeches he highlights many issues through the banking sector nowadays. Prior to Million Dollar Traders, he already got success. He started investing when he was of age 16, and during his mid-20’s he got employed at JP Morgan in position of Vice President of European Equities. However, his life actually did not begin off rich.

After his appearance, the consideration Anton Kreil got encouraged him to convey his career one step forward by starting one online video based series recognised as the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. The corresponding professional training lets trading logical and attainable to the normal individual.

Moreover, he mentions on his website regarding point that he was stimulated to make his own course after the time he was gone on the road inside U.K. for span of three months and perceived that things that he was training was comprehensible.

Net Worth of Anton Kreil

Net worth of Anton Kreil is predictable roughly to be around $10 million. He operates school established by him teaching every investment bankers as well as traders regarding the success to field of stock market trading. It is found that he has been capable to succeed attaining this wealth by his time of receiving financial trading expertise at very young age.

He is recognised as a prior equity trader and he transformed as TV celebrity while he was featured on a reality series entitled as Million Dollars Traders in form of an executive of the group of inexpert investors who were attempting to gross money in stocks. Apart from his online training based classes, he even provides personal mentoring.

Anton Kreil is primarily identified as a prior Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers as well as JP Morgan trader who finally abandoned the banking industry. He is having financial trading expertise and also worked as TV celebrity. Also, he was presented on a famous reality series entitled as Million Dollars Traders.