Stanley Enow Net Worth 2019

Who is Stanley Enow and what is his net worth 2019? Stanley Enow, originally known as Stanley Ebai Enow, was born in Bamenda, Cameroon in the year 1986. He also shares the Bayangi origin and hence goes by ‘Bayangi Boy’. Enow is presently a successful Cameroonian Rapper and a radio and TV presenter. Enow spent his childhood in Bafoussam. He later settled in Douala where he found his inclination towards songwriting and dancing during his high schooling. He started liking those arts and began to explore them.

Early Life

At a young age, Enow became a professional learning the groovy break-dance moves, rapping and radio jobs. He was very much inspired by the successful personalities like Talla André Marie, Dr. Sley, Sally Nyolo and Krotal. He used to perform on various shows and do jobs in different radio stations for a living. Doing this for a while, he edged his skills and bagged a chance to host MBOA, a TV music show. He also did a voiceover for a company. His penchant and passion for the art and culture opened the doors of opportunities for him in the African music arena.

Stanley Enow Net Worth

After a big struggle and hard work, Enow released his debut single Hein Père in 2013. It became a hit and was ranked as number 1 video of the year on the Reverbnation’s Cameroon list. He was also honoured by many Awards events happened in Cameroon that year.

Enow won the Best Male Artist and Best Urban Artist awards in 2013 for his single. His popularity reached to the sky high levels with his single for which he is still appreciated. He released in next single TumbuBoss from his studio album in 2014. This single was also liked by the African rap lovers. By 2014, he was a familiar name in the
African music industry.

Education: Enow did his primary schooling from native place Bafoussam. He completed his secondary education as well from Government Bilingual High School, Bafoussam. He had to move to Douala for higher education. He took admission in the University of Douala and chose Business Journalism as his primary stream. He was still unfamiliar with his talent and capabilities.


Enow’s first single was a massive hit in the African music industry. He was awarded as the best singer and most popular singer of the year in various shows. His song was appreciated by a huge African mass. In his career, Stanley Enow gave many hits to make his audience groove. His best hits include –
• Njama Njama cow
• Tumbu Boss
• Kingkong
• Work Hard
• Hit The Road
• Love Song

Not only his singles but his collaborations also drove compliment of many African music lovers. He was associated with many familiar names like Locko, Gasha, Sarkodie, Duc Z, 2Face, Ice Prince, H-Name and Bill Muchia. He has some of the most prestigious awards associated with his fame including Cameroon Academy Awards and MTV Africa Music Award.

Net Worth of Stanley Enow

Enow did voiceovers for advertising campaigns, worked at radio stations, hosted shows, created songs, did rapping, acted and did a lot of creative stuff that changed his life and bestowed him with a net worth of $300 thousand.

Stanley Enow is a known name in the African music industry due to the virtue of many reputed awards and his exceptional talent. He co-owns a record company named Motherland Empire. He earns well from his shows, music, singles and the projects accomplished under his record company.

On 21st March, the Cameroonian rapper posted a clip on his official Facebook page from his Austin, Texas-based show under the SXSW festival. Fe days ago, he was also seen standing next to his luxury car in red shoes. He is very busy with his Motherland Empire records at present and managing his live shows brilliantly as well.

Stanley Enow is a very sincere and hard working person who always pushes his limits to come up with some more creative contents. He is running his business successfully and giving sufficient time to his family and friends as well. His next creation is going to hit the floors very soon.