Octopizzo Net Worth 2019

Who is Octopizzo and what is his net worth 2019? Henry Ohanga is famous for his name as Octopizzo. He has a big name in the present hip-hop industry. Octopizzo is a hip hop artist as well as an actor. He is the originator of the C.B.O., Octopizzo Foundation and youth group Artist for Refugee. He was also a representative for awareness on violence touching women and girls. Octopizzo has taken his name from the animal octopus, which is one of his favourite animals.

Early Life

Octopizzo born in Kibera, this is one of the largest slum areas in Africa. He has total four, brothers and sisters. He completed his primary education from the Mashimoni primary school and secondary education from the Kibera Glory Secondary School in Kibera. He also completed a computer course from the St. Mary’s Changamwe College in Mombasa. Later, he shifted to Nairobi. He did an electrician course from there and after that worked for 3 years in a garage.

Octopizzo Net Worth

In his home town, he won many freestyle competitions like Pange Hip Hop Challenge, Usanii Kona Hip Hop Challenge, Sprite Challenge, International Hip Hop Summit and Halisi Freestyle Hip Hop Challenge. He has performed in all of the foremost events in all over the world like Shambala Festival in UK, Spoken World In Berlin, Coca cola world cup tour and more. He has performed with various artists like Dead Prezz, DJ Trouble Maker, Malikah, Black Twang and many more.

Most of the time, he preferred to keep his personal life as a secret. Octopizzo has two daughters from different mothers. In 2012, his first wife Christina Fernandes broke up with him. They together have one daughter, Tracy.

He met his second girlfriend on a billboard. They have been together from six years. They have one daughter together named, Zara. They have not married yet.

He also released three mixtapes, The White Shadow, Young, Gifted and Black and Stragglers of Nairobi. He also released his first album, Chocolate City. This also helped him to increase his Net worth. He has his own fashion line YGB WEAR. This is also one of the sources of his income. He is also the Youth Ambassador for Film Aid International.

He is one of the men who worked very hard. He is one of the richest rapper. In 2008, he was living with his family in a slum home. That time he had no money.

Now, he is posted his picture with his vintage Ferrari. He has his own Ferrari 166. He loves Jeweller Collection like the USA rapper. He loves to wear his two golden chains with watches.

He has a number of businesses other than his acting and singing. In Kenya, he has a wide number of deals with Coca Cola, Safaricom, Sprite and Nescafe. Other than Kenya, he has performed in Dubai and Manchester. Other than this he also worked to helped people at Kakuma refugee camp, Power Womens group for supporting women and Youth Gifted & Black. He is very passionate about these types of projects.

He has his own clothing business includes watches and wrist band. He is also the CEO of the chocolate city tour. He also launched his new brand of condoms in the market, let’s do it.

He is also the Youth Ambassador for Film Aid International. In this camp, he helped refugees. He provides an art to refugees to build their own stories with the help of film. Refugees are trained by him to do short films at the kakuma refugee camp. He is also the CEO of YGB.


He was a born hip hop artist. He had performed at all the main events in all over the world. He also recorded his 3 mix tapes Strugglers of Nairobi in 2008, Young, Gifted and Black in 2009 and The White Shadow in 2010. He also released his two studio albums Chocolate City and LDPC. These are all available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

He is a very good Actor. He performed on MTV in Shuga season 2. He also performed as a guest on MALI a Kenyan Drama.

Octopizzo is the C.E.O. of the Chocolate City. He is also the originator of the youth group, YGB.

Some of his best songs are:
1. Something for You
2. Utanisho
3. Prezidential
4. Ivo Ivo
5. Jump PYDU
6. Could Be Us
7. Salute Me
8. Vile Inafaa
9. Heart of Lion
10. Wuoda

In 2012, he won the Coastal Nzumari Awards, as a BEST Male Artist. In 2015, he won the Award as the Best Hip hop artist.

Net Worth of Octopizzo

Octopizzo’s estimated Net worth is around $650 thousand. He is very hard working and belongs to a slum area. He earned such a wealth from his hard working performances in various fields. He is a Hip-Hop artist, actor and a good businessman. He is the originator of community based organisation. He is also the originator of youth group, in which have the talented rappers, dancers, poets, graffiti and graphic artists. He is also the CEO of Chocolate City Tours.

Octopizzo is a very talented actor, rapper as well as a good businessman. He is very famous in the hip hop industry. While performing, he loved to throw his cap for his fans, in the crowd. He always carries an extra cap in all of his tours. He is a good person also. He has started several programs to help woman, girls and refugees.