Caskey Net Worth

Who is Caskey? What is net worth of Caskey? Brandon Caskey popularly known as Caskey is a very talented rapper. He is best known for his mixtapes. Born on 28th August 1992 in Orlando, Florida Caksey was influenced to a great extent by metal music. He listened to metal music to a great extent. He was more into instrumentalization rather than rapping. His elder sister introduced him to rap music and enrolled him into rap groups which included N.W.A and Three 6 Mafia in his elementary school years.

Later he became influenced by rappers like Nas, Eminem, and Dead Pez. As Caskey progressed in his high school years he started writing rap songs. He got to work with the local producers The Avengers in Orlando and they helped in boosting his career as a rapper. The mixtape No Complaints made by Caskey got him recognition as it was one of his brilliant works. It was appreciated by Cash Money and he was declared as a star by DJ Nasty.

Caskey Net Worth 2017-2018

Caskey Net Worth

The net worth of Caksey is around $1.5 million US dollars as of 2017. The first mixtape which got recognition was No Complaints by Caskey. This mixtape got him famous in the industry and also was an influential factor in increasing his net worth. Other albums and mix tapes which were influential were the Transient Classics, Black Sheep and also the Lost Files.

Caskey is working on his very first new album, which would be released in the year 2017. At such a young age Caskey has definitely achieved a significant mark in his career and is sure to be a big star in the coming years. He has also collaborated with many famous names in the industry like Trae Tha Truth, Riff Raff, Machine Gun Kelly and so on. He also has collaborated with YMCB for the album the Rich Gang.

Caskey Business Model

Along with being a rapper, Caskey is also a songwriter and he himself writes his songs. He also has worked in collaboration with DJs in their albums along with his mixtapes. In the year 2017, he is also releasing his own album, which would be a completely solo album. Caskey has thus been exploring in various areas related to music and proving himself time and again.

Caskey till now has only made mixed tapes and is seen in albums with collaboration. He has not yet released any solo album of his own. His solo album will be releasing in the year 2017. The mixtape No Complaints by Caskey which also happens to be the mixtape which got recognition is worth hearing. The other mixtapes which are worth hearing by Caskey include Blowing Out My Mind as well as the Intangibles.

The latest news which is trending related to Caskey is about his upcoming new album. For the first time in his career, Caskey is releasing a solo album for the first time. He is also planning a tour in the US for his most famous mixtape No Apologies. The dates of the tour are yet to be announced, but it is sure to be successful. He was also picked by the XXL magazine for the XXL Freshman Class.

Caskey is one of the upcoming hip-hop stars who is going to even more success. He is an inspiration for the young people out there who are wishing to start a career in music and especially rapping. He is undertaking more projects and making a mark of his own in the world of hip-hop and rap. He is collaborating with talented artists and making quality music. With his upcoming new solo album, he is sure to be successful. He has a recording contract with Cash Money Records and thus his net worth is sure to grow. With his talent, he is sure to win hearts of many people as already his fan following day by day and his talent is being appreciated.