AR-Ab Net Worth 2019

Who is AR-Ab and what is his net worth 2019? Born as Abdul Ibrahim West, AR-Ab is an American songwriter and rapper. He is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The underground rapper gained his popularity with the release of his mixtape Who Harder Than Me in 2011. From an underrated battle rapper to the ‘King Ab’ tag – his journey has been full of struggles but intriguing.

Early Life

Apart from AR-Ab and King Ab, he also goes by the stage name Assault Rifle Ab. Abdul was born in Philadelphia in the year 1982. AR-Ab was always passionate about music, especially the hip hop genre. Before turning a rap sensation, he was associated with Cassidy’s Larsiny Family. He lost one of his older brothers at a very young age. The underground rapper’s life became harder when he lost his grandmother and mother in the same year.

AR-Ab Net Worth

Abdul Ibrahim West is a devout Muslim, as per his claims. In 2010, he collaborated with Dark Lo to form the Original Block Hustlaz supergroup. Abdul’s brother Lik Moss was also associated with this group. Abdul’s career has been full of controversies and legal troubles. Abdul has been sentenced in the prison for around 11 to 23 months as he was one of the suspects along with the popular rapper Cassidy in a 2005 murder case.

However, he was released later as he was not found guilty. In 2011, he tweeted – “10 shots couldn’t stop me”. This tweet was regarding his escape from death. He survived even after being shot 10 times. He was also sentenced to prison in 2013 for cocaine charges. He was also in buzz due to his public feud with Meek Mill. Everything started when Mill said harsh things about the underground rapper that he couldn’t digest. The feud became abusive and violent later. This feud ended in 2016, as Abdul mentioned it publically.

The primary projects that changed Abdul’s life and made his The ‘AR-Ab’ include Mud Musik and Who Harder Than Me. His other popular projects are –

• I See Dead People
• Allegheny AB
• Who Harder Than Me II (2012)
• The Goon & The Crook (TBA)

Net Worth of AR-Ab

Ar-Ab Net Worth is estimated $550 thousand.

AR-Ab’s career has been surrounded by controversies but his never give up spirit helped him sustain in the music industry and he is still loved by many rap music fans. He is living a great life with his loved ones nowadays and we hope he comes up with a groovy mixtape soon.