Matt Carriker Net Worth 2018

Who is Matt Carriker and what is his net worth 2018? Matt Carriker is a well-known YouTube personality veterinarian. He runs several channels on YouTube such as, Vet Ranch, Demolition Ranch and OffTheRanch. He feature veterinary practices on his two channels Vet Ranch and OffTheRanch. Vet Ranch has over 1.2 million subscribers and recorded over 200 million views as of 2018.

In addition to these veterinarian channels, his non-veterinarian channel, Demolition Ranch, has added a great deal to his net worth attracting over 2.8 million subscribers with over 383 million views. As of 2018, Matt Carriker is estimated to have a net worth million US dollars. On average, Carriker receives an annual salary of $550 thousands from his three channels.

Matt Carriker Net Worth

Early Life

Matt Carriker was born in Texas on 21st October 1986. He pursued his veterinary profession at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences where he graduated in 2008. He then received his veterinary license in 2012. He is married to Meredith and they have three children together.

Currently, he lives in the San Antonio Area in Texas with his family. He combined his vet expertise with video shooting and started his first YouTube channel in 2010 which geared him to commence video blogging in 2016.


Matt Carriker started Vet Ranch in 2014 as a non-profit organization. Vet Ranch was initially meant to cater for the homeless dogs that surrounded Matt at his local pound around Boerne with the intention of saving them from euthanasia. In order to fund his veterinary practice, he uses profits from Vet Ranch and donations from the public.

In addition, he also owns a small time business that serves as a family vet clinic. Moreover, Carriker practices veterinary medicine at Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary in Boerne, Texas and makes significant amount of profit. In return, he uses the profits to cater for the risk animals that are brought to his vet. He makes videos featuring the animals from the time they are brought in to the vet to when they attain good health.

Most of the animals in his show are brought from an organisation called San Antonio Pets Alive. (SAPA) In addition to Vet Ranch, Carriker also runs the gun content YouTube channel Demolition Ranch and his third channel, OffTheRanch, as a vlog channel for himself and his family.

Net Worth of Matt Carriker

Matt Carriker has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He owes his fortune to the profits he makes from his YouTube channels. The Demolition Ranch channel is the largest contributor to his net worth. On this channel, he airs himself dealing with fire arms with his fellow gun men in Texas.

His fame came as a result of his first channel, Vet Ranch, where he saves a lot of animals as a vet doctor. However, his channel as a non-veterinarian has attracted more subscribers and views from YouTube than his initial channel. His three channels are estimated to add $ 550 thousands to his bankroll at the end of every year.

Matt Carriker`s passion for animals has enabled him to fulfill his desire and do the thing that makes him tick at ease. His magnanimous personality for saving homeless animals from euthanasia without the intention of making a lot of profit paved the way for him to be among the prominent YouTube Personalities.