Keemstar Net Worth 2018

Who is Keemstar and what is his net worth 2018? DJ Keemstar, you might have heard this name if you’re a regular visitor of YouTube. Known for his controversial opinions and history of hostile exchanges, he is probably the most-talked and notorious man on YouTube platform. The craze of his songs and controversies went to the extent that it made him lost his real name ‘Daniel Keem’ somewhere behind. He is also known as one of the most famous trash talkers in the gaming industry. He is such a popular celebrity then he must be having a huge net worth. Let’s find out the net worth of Keemstar.

Early Life

If you’ll write a complete biography of Keemstar, it would probably be full of controversies and hatred. Anyway, here, we’ll recapitulate just a little bio of him. Keemstar or Killer Keemstar was born in 1983 in New York. He is a video game streamer and creator & host of YouTube channel ‘DramaAlert’, a source of news on social interaction within YouTube.

Keemstar Net Worth

However, this news channel is notorious for being corrupt with biased news presentation. Keemstar has a huge social presence. In YouTube, though he is infamous still, has more than 1.8 million followers. Apart from YouTube, he also has 73K followers on ‘’, 15.6K fans on Instagram, and 1.42 million huge fans following on Twitter. There is not any information about his childhood and education.

Keemstar is not only notorious for his professional life but also for his personal life. He is accused of hitting his girlfriend. However, the name of his girlfriend is not revealed. Keemstar also has a daughter of around 6-7 years old but the name of his daughter’s mother is not known. How much these buzzes are true, only God knows.


Keemstar hasn’t a very struggling kind of career. His YouTube journey started in 2009 when he was first featured in a video recorded and uploaded by his friend. Within first year of upload, the video gained more than 100,000 views. After being so popular, Keemstar decided to go for his own YouTube channel ‘DramaAlert’ in 2014 which garnered over 300,000 subscribers in just 10 months with the help of notorious click bait headlines.

On this channel, he uploaded controversial topics and drama about the online personalities especially about the popular YouTubers. It led him to receive a lot of criticism and sizable antagonism. Though, he was being hated, he received constant views on his videos. In June 2016, he announced his resignation after the onslaught of criticism on his videos.

But in next month itself, he made his comeback on the channel. The crazy guy yet again in same month itself announced that he was quitting DramaAlert. This time, the announcement was true and the channel was closed. Soon after, he came up with a new YouTube channel ‘Battle for The Channel’. On this channel, he hasn’t uploaded anything since 2016. In his earlier days, he also took the shelter of ‘Soundcloud’, a music website to gain popularity. Here, he uploaded his own songs. His most popular song was ‘Dollar in the Woods’. But later, he had wiped all his content from the site.

Net Worth of Keemstar

It’s not like that Keemstar only earned defame and disgrace in his career but he also earned a huge chunk of money. He has a decent net worth of $1.6 million. Keemstar is the leader of ‘Federation of Asshole Gamers ([email protected])’ and is also the most subscribed person on BlogTV. Keemstar mainly earns money from his YouTube videos but he has one another easy way of earning money. He charges $20/fan to add on his friend list or to become a moderator on BlogTV chat.

He is a controversial figure or not, I can’t judge him. But one thing is certain that he has talent to make people notice him. Good or bad, either way, he is being talked and discussed.