Frank Abagnale Jr. Net Worth 2018

Who is Frank Abagnale Jr. and what is his net worth 2018? Frank Abagnale Jr. is a popular American security Consultant. He initially became popular at the age of 15 for being a making check forgery, and being an imposter and confidence trickster. When he was 21 years old he managed to escape jail twice. He is currently the CEO of Abagnale Associates, which is a security consultancy.

Early Life

Frank William Abagnale Jr. was born in 1948 on 27th April to Paulette Abagnale and Frank Abagnale Sr. His parents separated when he was only 12 years old and divorced when he was 14. Most of his negative influence to dwell into criminal forgery developed during this period, as he had no one to question him about his life. His parents also saw this change as a teenager’s way of rebelling his parent’s divorce.

Frank Abagnale Jr. Net Worth

He was born and raised in Bronxville, New York. He rose to fame for his forgery shenanigans during his early teenage years. He is the current CEO and the founder of Abagnale Associates.

He married Kelly Anne Welbes his long time girlfriend soon after he was released from the jail. The couple has 3 kids together. His father was affluently involved in local politics as well as in the local theater.

His first victim was his own father. Frank used his father’s gasoline credit card to buy all sorts of things. He looted his father off $3400 at the age of just 15.

Unlike other tech geniuses like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, Frank Abagnale started off a career at an early age of 15 as a confidence trickster and forgery master. He was even sentenced to 4 years in US prison for his evil schemes.

Today the same kid has transformed into a well-established businessman who is the CEO of Abagnale Associations.

He also has an autobiography named ‘Catch Me If You Can’. His life story was later turned into a movie adaptation called ‘Catch Me If You Can’ which released in 2002 and also nominated for Academy Awards. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Frank in the movie, which also stars Tom Hanks in the role of FBI agent. Frank Abagnale also makes a special cameo in this movie.

He has also written four other books called ‘Stealing Your Life, Random House/Broadway Books’, ‘Real U Guide To Identity Theft’, ‘The Art of the Steal’, and ‘The Art of the Steal’.

Frank has also appeared on TV talk shows like ‘To Tell the Truth’, ‘The Tonight Show’, ‘The Secret Cabaret’, and ‘The Real Hustle’.

Frank Abagnale hasn’t received many awards, but he sure is an inspiration for all criminals. He took a lesson from his mistakes and transformed himself as a respectable member of the society. He definitely didn’t win any award for his big transformation. But the Hollywood based on his life sure garnered multiple nominations and awards.

Net Worth of Frank Abagnale Jr.

Frank Abagnale Jr. has an estimated net worth of over $12 million. He runs a successful security firm today all thanks to his teenage mistakes. Who would have thought that a criminal can turn his upside down? Today the same person who gave security nightmares to people is offering them security suggestions.

Frank Abagnale is blessed with an amazing brain. He can recode and hack almost any system or applications. He might have taken advantage of this blessing when he was young but that has definitely helped him in getting the much-deserved recognition. Frank’s story sounds nothing less than a Hollywood film. He has literally transformed himself from being a bad guy who goes to prison, into an owner for a security firm that helps ensure data security for others.