Bill Perkins Net Worth 2018

Who is Bill Perkins and what is his net worth 2018? William O Perkins III, popularly known as , Bill Perkins, is a famous film producer, American hedge fund manager and a poker player from Houston, Texas. What makes him stand out in the crowd is his indomitable spirit which keeps him going every single day. Apart from being successful in his ventures, he is undoubtedly a humble man.

Early Life

William O Perkins III was born in United States .William O Perkins III, the founder and president of Small Ventures USA, founded this firm in the year 1997. He has an acumen for understanding the intricacies of venture capital and energy markets and this has made him extremely successful in his career. Also, he joined Centaurus Energy in the year 2002 and also headed Houston based energy hedge fund namely Skylar Capital.

Bill Perkins Net Worth

There is no such information available on his personal life and his children. Also, there is no information about his past affairs and current relationships. According to sources, this part of his life remains unknown to all.


Not much is known about Perkins career. However, it won’t be wrong to say that his sheer determination and hard work to achieve success in life, kept him going. He graduated from University of Iowa as a Electrical and Electronics Engineer. Also, he got an opportunity to work under an oil trader, John D Arnold for several years.

During his career, he also got a chance to become a CEO of Cutuco Energy Central America. Also, he directed NorthernStar Natural Gas. He is also an active participant of Stock Market and made a profit of $1.25 million in the year 2008. No wonder, that he is best in what he does.

This rising stardom won the hearts of his fans by producing some of the hits like After Life, Cat Run and Unthinkable which made him immensely popular. He got recognized for his work after 2009 when his first film After Life was released.

Bill Perkins is a well renowned film producer in the world and is known for his excellent production especially in the films Afterlife. Also, he is an enthusiastic poker player and has won amazing prizes from his tournament winnings. His total tournament winnings in the year 2015, account to about $2,500,000. Out of which $1,965,163 was from One Drop cash at WSOP.

Net Worth of Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins net worth accounts to about $55 Million. Though not much is known about his current earning and net worth, it can still be estimated that he is one of the richest and popular celebrities of United States.

In a nutshell, Bill Perkins is one of the versatile personalities all over the world. His commitment towards work has influenced people to dream big in life and chase their goal till the last breath. He is a man of action and has achieved indefeasible feats in life within a short span of time. No wonder that he has been acclaimed by his competitors from versatile fields.