Chris Fronzak Net Worth 2018

Who is Chris Fronzak and what is his net worth 2018? Front man for the American deathcore Metalcore band Attila who released their most popular album which ranked #22 on Billboard 200 charts, named ‘about that life’ in June 2013. He is the soul member of the band Attila and there is the rich history behind the formation of the band with a lot of efforts by Chris Fronzak.

This Frontman of the Attila is not only known for his music but also for his successful entrepreneurship. He is the successful business man as well and launched his own clothing line along with the mobile app. Let’s see how this amazing music artist and business man created this metalcore band at age of just 14.

Chris Fronzak Net Worth


Frontman Chris Fronzak started the band in high school but the original formation had not taken place until 2005 and their official full-time touring did not start before 2010. Along with Sam Halcomb, Matt Booth, Kris Wilson and Sean Heenan, Christ started the Attila in 2005. Thier dedication towards music brought them together though they knew each other from their high school and other mutual friends.

Till now they have launched six full-length alba and the most successful one was ‘about that life’ which ranked #22 on billboard chart 200. In 2010, they finally signed q contract with Artery Recordings and launched many albums under the label. Moreover, they have toured across the United States with some popular bands like Oceano, Chelsea Grin, See You Next Tuesday, Hed PE, Arsonists and Get All the Girls. These tours includes “The Pyknic.

pArtery Tour”(2010), “Contagion Across the Nation Tour”(2010) and “All Stars Tour”(2011) and it also included several bands across the United States. The band is currently signed to Sharp Tone Records and released their studio album CHAOS on November 4, 2016.

Net Worth of Chris Fronzak

Chris Fronzak has the estimated net worth of staggering $5.5 million. Although lion share of his net worth is thank to his music but he also earned handsome amount annually with his smartphone app and clothing line. The contract he signed with Artery Recordings was worth in millions and after releasing their most successful album that ranked #22 on Billboard album chart 200, the net worth of the overall band increased considerably.

Moreover, he made impressive amount with sponsorships and live shows across the States. So, let’s have look at how this frontman of metalcore band spends his money and let’s have the glimpse of his family and relationship.

Having millions in the bank and having an annual salary in millions give you the ability to buy anything and when you holding a golden position of celebrity it will an essential for you to have the great test of expensive cars and luxurious house. Unfortunately, there are no official details available about his auto collection and what he drives?

When it comes to parents and siblings it was hard to investigate because the official information either not available or he is highly concerned about his private life. When it comes to the relationship, he is currently married to his longtime girlfriend Victoria. He has two sons named Blaise and Lord with his longtime girlfriend Victoria. One interesting fact about his early life, he formed the band in 2005 during high school when he was just 14 years old. He worked several minimum wage jobs such as bagging groceries and working in various restaurants.

A successful entrepreneur and a frontman musician, Chris Fonseka made his name in metalcore music bands across the united States. He is one of the founder of the Atilla and a great musician along with being a father of two and husband of beautiful lady Victoria.