Adam Young Net Worth 2018

Who is Adam Young and what is his net worth 2018? Who does not love to listen music but the music composed and produced by Owl City has been on everybody’s lips. Owl City is the project by the young artist Adam Young. One day, Adam Young in his interview said that he would have to work at the petrol stations, had his albums were not successful in the beginning. Besides singing, he claims that he has no talent. Adam Young was suffering from insomnia while loading Coco Colas in the truck. It was then he started composing music. He started to produce songs and recorded them in his parents’ basement. He uploaded his videos on MySpace and he got popular really fast.

He was the one who charted even on the top on the MySpace. Since he was going viral, he decided to launch his album Ocean Eyes. Ocean Eyes album was released in 2009 which had songs like Cave In, The Saltwater Room and An Airplane carried me to bed. The lyrical genius of Adam Young got popular outside MySpace as well.

Adam Young Net Worth

When the time moves on, Adam Young announced a new sideline project called Sky Sailing. Much of his net worth comes from the Owl City project but Sky Sailing contributes to his net worth as well. His die hard fans are the one who follows the project Sky Sailing. He is known worldwide for his electronic project Owl City and he even reached on Rank 15 on U.S. Dance chart.

He was raised as Christian and he was suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. He admits in an interview that he is a socially introverted person.

Net Worth of Adam Young

His current net worth is $6 million. His earnings come mainly from his discographies. His earnings from the album Ocean Eyes was $440,000. His highest selling album has the earning of $850,000. His highest selling album name is Ultraviolet. His one of the lyrical genius album Of June has the earning of around $300,000. So, it is quite evident by adding all his discographies earnings that his most net worth has the source from the earnings from the discographies of the Owl City project.

It has not been revealed much. His income and net worth has the major source from his earning from the discography. His assets include few stocks and FDs but it is normally not revealed about his cars and the houses. He lives in the United States of America and he is trying to release more project and albums from his home.

The business model of Owl City has been inspired by the MySpace. He is known for viral contents and this was how he began popularity in the very beginning of his fame. He does not associate songs with her name for an unknown reasons. When asked what was the reason that he does not use his name, he excused himself to tell it. He has launched another different project called Sky Sailing which is actually a side project. The types of music is different in Owl City and Sky Sailing. If you want to listen to quiet music, then you should not miss Sky Sailing at any cost.

He is continuing to earn more on YouTube and by collaborating with other popular singers around the world. His most recent and popular collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen, the Canadian singer and songwriter, has fetched a lot of worth to his net worth. His single with her was Good Time. He has also collaborated with many other international stars from Malaysia and France for his Owl City project.

If you are trying to give it a start, the real soul of the music of Owl City, then you should start with the album of June. If you want something new then the Midsummer Station is what you would like. But he is purely a lyrical genus. He has cute lyrical style that you will become fan of. His other albums include Ocean Eyes which has songs like Cave In, The Saltwater Room and others.

After his performance with Carly Rae Jepsen, he is found creating a film score but it has not been revealed yet. We hope that this movie with Owl City’s score releases very soon so that we can enjoy this lyrical genius scores as well and as soon as possible.