Robert Kirkman Net Worth 2018

Who is Robert Kirkman and what is his net worth 2018? There are many writers on the world, but name of Robert Kirkman is unique as he is an American-based comic book writer. In his career, he is finest recognised for making The Walking Dead as well as Invincible for Image Comics. Moreover, he is known to be one of the five associates of Image Comics, as well as the only writer of the five who was not included as one of its founders. Apart from this, he worked for writing Marvel Zombies and Ultimate X-Men for Marvel Comics. In his career, Kirkman has too cooperated with co-founder of Image Comics on the popular series Haunt. All his works in comic writing, directs for high net worth of Kirkman, get more details below:

Early Life

Kirkman belonged to Lexington, located in Kentucky, and he was brought up in Cynthiana. He and his wife resided in Kentucky and this couple welcomed their son, which they named as Peter Parker Kirkman after Spider-Man’s resident personality.

Robert Kirkman Net Worth

Apart from his contribution as a writer as well as working as executive producer on The Walking Dead, Kirkman is too an effective creator of independent comics, adding to his fame. Moreover, Kirkman also created and persists to write the Image Comics title -The Walking Dead and on this the show is founded. Besides this, the comics have been attaining high fame during its run. He too writes the commended as well as correspondingly super-hero comic entitled Invincible, which he made with Cory Walker.


Kirkman started to appear from year 2000 as his first comic book contribution was year 2000 superhero mockery entitled as Battle Pope. This was co-created in company of artist named Tony Moore, and he worked to self-publish it below the Funk-O-Tron brand. Afterwards, while working on a new series entitled Science Dog, Kirkman as well as artist Cory Walker were recruited to accomplish a SuperPatriot series for Image Comics. When he was working on the particular book, Kirkman as well as E. J. Su made year 2002 Image series entitled Tech Jacket, which continued for six issues.

It was year 2003 when Kirkman and Walker made Invincible for new superhero line of Image. The particular story was based on the son of the world’s greatest powerful fighter, who grows powers as well as initiates his personal superhero career. It is found that Kirkman was initially employed by Marvel Comics to write a renewal of year 1990s Sleepwalker series. However, it was cancelled prior publish and the contents of its initial issue were highlighted in Epic Anthology No. 1, released in year 2004. Later in year 2007, Kirkman proclaimed that he and artist Liefeld would collaborate on a new version of Killraven.

Later in year 2010, Kirkman too started producing the television adaptation of comic book series entitled The Walking Dead by him. It is found that Kirkman has worked to write or co-write six episodes of the particular series. Kirkman too made and works as an executive producer on the spinoff series of the show, series name is Fear the Walking Dead.

In his career, Kirkman stayed as a producer of the science fiction thriller entitled Air, which featured Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead, and Djimon Hounsou. The particular movie was aired in year 2015 and it was the leading feature film under production of Skybound Entertainment.

Discussing about his awards nominations, in year 2011, The Walking Dead TV series by Kirkman was nominated for A Writers Guide of America Award for Best New Series. Moreover, in year 2013 the writer was also nominated for Best Writing in a Drama Series for the OTFA Television Award.

Net Worth of Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman is essentially an American-based comic book author as well as he worked as a television producer, hence he has high estimated net worth of $22 million. In his career, he also worked to write many comics for Marvel, comprising few that highlight the greatest well-known comic book characters ever, including X-Men. His superb writing and way to convey comic essence helped him to become millionaire.

Comic writing are essential for reading to get different sort of entertainment. Throughout his career, Kirkman worked to deliver entertainment in this way.