Karl Cook Net Worth 2019

Who is Karl Cook and what is his net worth 2019? Karl Cook is a professional jockey from the United States of America. He was born on December 25th in 1990 in Woodside, California. His parents are Scott David Cook and Signe Ostby. He belongs to a billionaire family and has two sibling’s sister Annie Laurie Cook and brother David Bryn Cook. His father is a co-founder of a tax software firm Intuit and he is serving there as a director since 1983. He is also a director of eBay and Procter & Gamble. His mother Signe Ostby is a business entrepreneur and she launched her software startup in 1982 and with that, she also launched a marketing strategy consulting practice.

Early Life

Karl got his love for horses from his mother as she does horse riding, even she has kept many horses. Karl uses these horse in competitions. He became a horse rider with the influence of his mother. It will not be wrong to say that due to his mother’s involvement in horse riding Karl also began his riding at a young age and he got a chance to ride his first horse nearly around the age of 8. He took training for nearly 12 years under the guidance of his trainer Graeme Thomas and Lu Thomas. His whole training was done in Woodside, California, to become a professional horse rider. In his initial career, he faced failure as in 2009 Karl competed in the Gran Prix. It is the highest level of show jumping, but he was not successful there.

Karl Cook Net Worth


However, he continued his struggled till 2012 and on an event, he nearly walked away from the sport. But, later, he refocused his efforts, and rebuilt his entire training program himself, even he fired his trainers as well. Then after two years in 2014, he won four events of Grand Prix on his horses named as Jonkheer Z and Basimodo. That was not the end of his success as it continued in 2015 as well.

He won $25,000 at the Smart Pak Grand Prix in 2015. He stood second during the Card Flex Grand Prix event. Karl in March 2016 revealed that he is dating actress Kaley Cuoco, who got fame with the movie ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Kaley divorced her first husband Ryan Sweeting in the fall of 2015. Kaley is also an active horse rider. Karl is not stuck to horse riding only, he enjoys photography and woodworking as well.

Education: Everyone knows, Karl is a pretty good rider at a young age, but the media persons are not pretty sure about his educational background. He himself, even his parents has not defined anything about his academics.

Net Worth of Karl Cook

The professional jockey young Cook is considered as a rising star in the sport. His net worth income is $400 thousand and apart from that, he has his inheritance in his family property as well. The income, he has now is that amount which he has earned by winning the riding events.

Karl shares his property and other assets with his parents and his siblings. They all live in their family house, which is situated in Indiana, United States of America.

Karl is a bit lazy kind of person and he has no such interest in business. He never considered being part of his family business. He has a love for riding and he enjoys that with his lady love Kaley Cuoco, the Hollywood sensation.

Karl Cook is not in news for his profession now, but yes, he is in headlines due to his relation with the Hollywood sensation Kaley Cuoco. They both got reunited after a week of being apart. Kaley posted a post on Instagram of herself with her equestrian boyfriend Karl and with them, their dog was also there. They both were in a snuggling pose.

At last but not least, the billionaire young jockey is pretty enthusiastic about his profession which his mother crafted for him. He is very much in headlines due to his relation with a bombshell personality of Hollywood, Kaley and they both are very happy with each other. He is also focusing on his career.