Jodie Marsh Net Worth 2019

Who is Jodie Marsh and what is her net worth 2019? Jodie Marsh is a popular personality. You might recognise her from Celebrity Big Brother. She is a well known media personality and she is a bodybuilder as well. She is also a model and she is a very attractive lady indeed. She has her own reality show called Totally Jodie Marsh. In 2006, Jodie announced that she is getting engaged with DJ David Doyle. She even tattooed her boyfriend’s name on her. They featured in OK Magazine and they announced that they want to marry in a dungeon.

They soon broke up and Doyle blamed Jodie for being a complete alcoholic and having personal hygiene issues. Doyle had a different story to tell. She claimed that her boyfriend was unfaithful to her. Later, she got into a relation with a female hairdresser called Nina. She married James Placido in 2015 but they got separated soon. It was all over social media. She has participated in a PETA campaign and she is a vegan. She is known for being in controversies.

Jodie Marsh Net Worth

Marsh has appeared in the famous Celebrity Big Brother 4. She was the first one to be voted out. Her fellow housemates voted against her and the public surely does not like her much. In 2007, there was a reality show called Totally Jodie Marsh. The theme of this reality show was that she is trying to find a groom for herself on a reality show. Men were invited to take part and there were open auditions for the same. It was Marsh’s quest to find a husband on the show.

Marsh chose Matt Peacock but later, the channel got to know that Matt and Marsh were already dating before the show. On 1st September 2007 they got married and they got separated in December 2007. Later she admitted that it was just done for the TV and there was nothing real about it. She is also a body builder and was featured in the Muscle and Fitness Magazine. She has had many photo shoots with several magazines. In 2012, she launched her own bodybuilding protein shakes called JST Jodie.

Jodie Marsh is the queen of controversy. In 2004, she told the News of the World that she had sexual relation with Frank Lampard. Lampard denied and filed a complaint against the press. Marsh clarified later that they did everything but not had intercourse. The false story given by Jodie Marsh created a lot of rage in Frank Lampard.

Discovery channel was filming a documentary called Benefits by the Sea in which Jodie Marsh was there. People started throwing eggs at her. This was very insulting but truly, people do not like her much. In 2006, she was booed by the people at the Annual Jersey Battle of Flowers where she was a guest. This gives us a clear picture of how much people dislike her!

Jodie Marsh has written her own book. It is her autobiography. The name of the book is Keeping it Real. It was released in the year 2005. It reached as the top 10 best sellers list. Looks like she is a writer as well! She did write a story about herself.

Net Worth of Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh’s net worth is $500 thousand. Her annual salary is $100,000. She is a well paid working woman who comes on television. She has been in the industry for 14 years and she has had endless controversies. She does not have many followers as such but controversy sells and that is exactly what she did! She has appeared in many reality TV shows and she has also done a lot of photo shoots. She is here to stay in the television industry. She has featured on many magazines and she has an excellent figure which helped her bag several projects.

Jodie Marsh may be a controversial queen but controversy sells. She has been in news so many times for the wrong reasons. However that makes her more visible in the industry. She is here to stay and with her figure and several photo shoot projects, she is definitely going to go a long way. Jodie Marsh is a bodybuilder, actor, television personality and a famous controversy queen. She may not have a huge fan following but she is definitely getting paid for a reason.