Isaiah Thomas Net Worth 2019

Who is Isaiah Thomas and what is his net worth 2019? The retired 12-time NBA All-Star American basketball player, Isiah Lord Thomas III, was born on April 30, 1961. The 2-time NBA All-Star MVP during his time with the Detroit Pistons, Thomas is also known as the coaching executive of the NBA teams, Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks. According to many critics and fans, the 6 foot 1 tall Isiah Thomas was the best “small man” to ever play professional basketball. Thomas retired from the sport on May 11, 1994, completing a professional career spanning 13 years.

Early Life

Isiah Thomas was born in Chicago, Illinois, in a family where he was the youngest of seven boys and two girls. Thomas witnessed the divorce of his parents, Isiah and Mary, at a tender age. Now, living in a local church, Our Lady of Sorrows, Thomas spent his free time shooting hoops at the Gladys Park next to Chicago’s Eisenhower Expressway. Thomas spent 90 minutes every day in High School commuting to the private St. Joseph’s High School situated in Westchester, Illinois. He captained the side during his junior year and was acclaimed to be one of the most promising talent prospects of college in the future.

Isaiah Thomas Net Worth

Isiah Thomas married Lynn Kendall, whom he met while they were both studying at Indiana University. Isiah and Lynn have two children, Joshua “Zeke” Thomas and Lauren Thomas. Joshua was a promising sportsperson in college, but he decided to pursue a career in music. With the stage name, DJ Zeke Thomas, Joshua released his first electro-dance single “Regret” in 2014.

Showing great talent from early stages of High School, Thomas was recruited by the Indiana Hoosiers to play under the coach, Bob Knight, who was, at that time, known for his strict disciplinarian methods of coaching. Thomas along with point guard, Mike Woodson, led the Hoosiers to the Big Ten Championship and later, qualified for the 1980 Sweet Sixteen.

In the season 1980-81, the relationship between Knight and Thomas grew stronger when Thomas was appointed the captain and led Hoosiers to win the 1981 NCAA tournament. Thomas was awarded the “Most Outstanding Player” in the tournament, while still in his sophomore year.


Thomas started his NBA career after being picked as the no.2 by the Detroit Pistons in the 1981 NBA Drafts. Having acquired a $1.6 Million contract, Thomas was drafted to the All-Rookie team and played for the Eastern Conference team in the 1982 All-Star match.

One of the most remarkable performances of Thomas was witnessed during the 1984 NBA Playoffs in a game against the New York Knicks where he scored a record 16 points in the last 90 seconds to take the game into overtime and give a chance to the Pistons for a victory. Thomas and the Pistons qualified for the NBA Playoffs in the 1985 and 1987 seasons but were always beaten by close encounters.

However, in the 1988 season, Thomas along with a strongly poised Pistons line-up clinched the NBA Title showing exuberantly dominating performances throughout the tournament. This is where the name “Bad Boys” was kept for the particular Pistons line-up. The Pistons went on to clinch their consecutive title in 1990, beating the Lakers with a clean sweep.

Thomas is known for his exquisite skills as a point guard from where he scores dangerously and freely through the opposition’s defence.

Thomas has been awarded the NBA Finals MVP in the year 1990 and the NBA All-Star MVP twice in the years 1984 and 1986. Thomas was honoured and named a part of NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Star Squad.

Net Worth of Isaiah Thomas

The American legend basketball player, Isiah Thomas, is expected to have an estimated net worth of $22 Million. Isiah’s highest-earning was in 1991 when he was earning a hefty $2.96 Million ($5.15 Million after adjusting for inflation) as a player of the Detroit Pistons.

There are only a few players who are born to play to play the sport, and the inspiring American legend, Isiah Thomas, was undoubtedly born to play Basketball.