Liv Tyler Net Worth

Who is Liv Tyler and what is her net worth 2018? Liv Tyler is an American actress best known for her role in the Lord of The Rings trilogy as Arwen. She was born in New York City, New York as the daughter of the Steven Tyler, who is the lead singer of Aerosmith band and fashion model Bebe Buell on 1 July 1977. Till the age of 11 years, she believes that her father is Todd Rundgren.

She found that her biological father is Steven Tyler after recognising similarities with Steven’s other daughter Mia Tyler. After knowing the truth, she had a very close relationship with the Steven Tyler. She even featured in the song Crazy, which was part of the Aerosmith music video. Liv is often praised for its natural beauty and solid acting skills.

Liv Tyler Net Worth 2018-2019

She relocated to New York as a teenager for starting her modelling career. However, the fate takes her to acting and she debuts in the movie Silent Fall in 1994. The movie turned out to be a huge boost to her career and he soon started to get many offers. In 1996, Liv Tyler features in three movies “Heavy”, “Stealing Beauty”, and “That Thing You Do”. In the upcoming years, she was seen in the movies, such as Inventing the Abbotts, Armageddon, Onegin, The Strangers and The Incredible Hulk.

She was recognised worldwide after featuring the Lord of the Ring Trilogy in which she plays the role of the Arwen Undomiel. She married Royston Langdon in 2003 with whom she was dating since 1998. The couple had a son together named as Milo William Langdon. However, the relationship didn’t work and, both got separated in 2008. She finds her true love in David Gardner, who is a sports and entertainment manager. Both have one son and one daughter together named as Sailor Gene Gardner and Lula Rose Gardener respectively.

Education: The schooling of the Tyler takes place at the Congressional Schools of Virginia, Waynflete School, and Breakwater School in Portland, Maine. After that, she returns to the New York City and started to study at York Preparatory in high school. After getting graduated in 1995, she put her full concentration on the acting career.

Liv Tyler Net Worth

The total net worth of Liv Tyler is around $22.3 million. The reason for such a great asset is her successful acting and production career. In addition to acting, she also endorses brands such as Givenchy.

Liv Tyler owns a Q7 Audi car whose price is around $50k. This car is known as one of the best luxury SUV all around the world. She presently lives with her boyfriend David Gardener in New York city with their baby girl.

She owns an apartment worth $3 million in the New York City.

The majority of the Liv’s earnings comes from acting in the movies, such as The Incredible Hulk, Lord of the Rings, and The Strangers because all of them were a box office success. However, she produced a fantasy/ horror drama “Wilding” in 2016.

Over the years, this actor has received accolades for the excellent acting in her movies. She has worked in some of the highest grossing movies. Although she has worked in a number of hit movies, but some of her best movies are Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), Robot & Frank (2012), Reign Over Me (2007), The Incredible Hulk (2008), and Lonesome Jim (2005).

Liv Tyler is a beautiful actress who had made a name on their own. Since her breakthrough role in Silent Fall, this actress has featured in many memorable roles. After having a disastrous marriage to Royston Langdon, she comes back strong and that shows in her professional work.