LeeAnne Locken Net Worth

Who is LeeAnne Locken? What is net worth of LeeAnne Locken? LeeAnne Locken is a well-known American actress and model. LeeAnne Locken is a reality character and actress who is basically known for her role played in The Real Housewives of Dallas. Locken’s grandparents initially brought up her in Houston, located in Texas when she was a kid. Locken hosted and worked on a production of a show named Luxury Dallas and has been presented on additional reality shows counting She’s Got the Look and Big Rich Texas.

LeeAnne Locken shifted to Chicago, Illinois after completing studies in the University and later she shifted to Los Angeles for acting career. Locken gained popularity when she was a Top 10 finalist in the year 1989 Miss USA Pageant.

LeeAnne Locken Net Worth 2017-2018

Before LeeAnne Locken gained popularity and attained position at the top of Dallas society, she spent her summer days by serving on the carnival circuit. However the job was not a complete fun, as she started acting as a carny kid when she was just an infant.

Locken worked on the board of Women In Film in Dallas, located in Texas and the actress owns film credits in Beyond the Farthest Star and Miss Congeniality. LeeAnne Locken has been honoured to be on the 2013 Style Council for DIFFA and also nominated for the 2013 Fashion Police for Fashion Group International in terms of fashion.

Locken is always eager to make her name and flairs to maximum charities as she can by presenting, hosting, walking the landing strip or leading to drew attention to causes for which she is fervent about.

LeeAnne Locken is dating police officer named Rich Emberlin, who performed on the TV shows entitled The First 48 and Dallas SWAT.

Education: LeeAnne Locken joined the University of Houston prior relocating to Chicago to continue her career in modelling. After that she resided in Los Angeles where she grew her ambitions for acting and abandon studies later on.

LeeAnne Locken Net Worth

The assessed total net worth of LeeAnne Locken is around $3.2 million US dollars in year 2017. The total net worth and remunerations of LeeAnne Locken have been made from her acting as different roles in many films, her brand endorsements, business deals, etc. Locken had performed in the brand new reality show entitled The Real Housewives of Dallas which has boosted her net worth extremely.

LeeAnne Locken Assets

LeeAnne Locken presently stays in Dallas, Texas (TX), US where she lingers to host many television programs, works on film making and also works on the board of Women In Film.

LeeAnne Locken Business Model

LeeAnne Locken is fervent about comedy and she was excited to have one of her advertisements selected by the ABC Network entitled as as one of “America’s Funniest Commercials”.

LeeAnne Locken is even regarded as a true social butterfly owing to her charity work. In year 2014 Locken worked as the Honorary Chair for the “No Tie Dinner” promoting AIDS Services Dallas and she also remained as the 2014 Co-Chair of “Art From the Heart” aiding Dallas Challenge. Apart from this, Locken presently attends on the board of The Fashionistas as a part of her business model.

In upcoming April 11th, LeeAnne Locken will perform in the brand new reality show entitled The Real Housewives of Dallas that implements verified franchise model. The corresponding show will highlight the lives of some rich women who belong from Dallas, Texas. Audiences will definitely enjoy this series as these strong women are humorous, subtle, and prevalent.

Before few days, LeeAnne Locken finally accepted on season finale of The Real Housewives Of Dallas that she has several grave anger issues.

This former carnie’s temper was fundamental to some key instants in the leading season of the Bravo spino-off climaxing in a trip to Austin, Texas. In this, Locken was endangered to ‘gut’ a castigate using a knife and also attacked the team.

Having a heart the “size of Texas,” LeeAnne Locken is definite to win audience over with her big smile and also bigger personality. It is clear that all of this dedication as well as hard work to the world of television has paid off and also entertained audiences.