Goldie Hawn Net Worth

Who is Goldie Hawn and what is her net worth 2018? An American actress who won the world’s heart with not only her acting skills but also as an exceptional director and producer, Goldie Hawn is also known for her melodies voice. This extraordinarily talented woman not only earned her name as a remarkable artist but also grossed millions of dollars in her name. Her career took off from the NBC sketch comedy program, “Roawan and Martin’s Laugh-in”.

Her status was that of a star whose mere presence in a film made that film drop like a bomb at the box office. Goldie Hawn’s stardom knew no bound. The success of her initial films like ‘There is a girl in my soup’ and ‘Butterflies are free’ set fire to her ever soaring wings. This rich artist earned a bankable return with her back to back super hit performances. She had her own share of ups and downs. Let’s have a look in details about her biography and more:

Goldie Hawn Net Worth 2018-2019

Goldie Jeanne Hawn was born on 21st November, 1945. Her birthplace is a city of slogans ‘Washington DC’. She is the only daughter of late mother Laura and late father Edward Rutledge Hawn. Her mother was an owner of a dance academy and a jewellery shop. Her father was a musician whose band played at all major events in Washington DC itself. It’s a thing beyond dubiety that Goldie Hawn belonged to a rather colorful background. Hawn was brought up as a Jewish as her mother Laura was also a Jewish although her father was a Christian of German and English decent.

Goldie Hawn, as they say was a born performer. She started to take tap dancing lessons at the tender age of three. She also performed brilliantly at ‘Ballet Russe De Monte Carlo’ where her talent was lauded by popular artists and television personas. Hawn studied ‘Drama’ at American University but for some reasons she dropped out and treaded her own route to success. After sometime of rigorous struggle, she became a professional dancer and made her debut with ‘Can- Can’ production. Then onward she went on to perform at a go-go dancer in the city of New York and there was no looking back.

Goldie Hawn tied a knot with Kurt Russell in the year 1983. She is blessed with three beautiful and graceful kids whose names are Kate Hudson, Wyatt Russell and Oliver Hudson. They are all talented actors based in America like their mother.

The major catalyst to elevate Goldie Jeanne Hawn’s ever soaring career is usually attributed to Disney. She started off as a dancer in her feature film ‘The One and only’. Then she went on to tap her feet in films like ‘Genuine’ and ‘Original Family Band’. Her television career began in 1967. Her role of ‘Sandy’ in the famous sitcom ‘Good Morning world’ went popular like a wildfire among her audience.

Later on, it was in the year 1980 that her ‘Private Benjamin’ was released. This film went down as the most memorable one and Hawn gracefully received accolades both as a producer and actor for the same. Her other outstanding performances include films like ‘Bird on a wire’, ‘Death becomes her’, ‘Out of Towner’s’ etc.

Goldie’s ‘Private Benjamin’ won her nomination both for Academy award and Oscar. She won Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for ‘Cactus Flower’. Her film ‘The first wives club’ won the ‘National Board of Review’ for Best Cast. Goldie Hawn has been nominated for many other BAFTA and film awards.

Goldie Hawn Net Worth

The net worth of Goldie Hawn is a whopping $65 million. Her journey to this overwhelming richness is not an overnight game. Her source of income is prominently the films that she producers and stars in. After being accorded with so many back to back super hit films, it’s no wonder that her income profile shot up high from where there is no looking back. It’s an indisputable fact that Goldie Hawn truly deserves the insurmountable bank balance that she has.

The name of Goldie Hawn will go down in History as the bubbliest actress of all times. Throughout her career, she has lived with a hope to light up the world with smiles through her acting and films. With a melodies cuckoo voice and a spirited aura around her, Hawn really did make her own space in our hearts. Right now, the actress is completely absorbed in fighting for various social causes and is committed to make this world a better place to live in. This gorgeous woman has our best wishes!