Jake Gyllenhaal Net Worth 2018

Who is Jake Gyllenhaal and What is his net worth 2018? Hollywood families became widely popular for Jake Gyllenhaal’s movies like The day after tomorrow, prince of Persia(2010) and Jarhead(2005). This American actor born in Los Angeles, California on 19th of December in 1980. He made his debut at age of 11 in 1991 in the hit comedy movie called ‘City slickers’. After than he appeared in the movie ‘Dangerous Woman’ in 1993 along with his sister Maggie.


So he has started his career in really early stages of his life. And that is the advantage of having one of your parent who is the movie director. He actually made his name after making his appearance in the movie ‘October sky(1999)’ which was adopted from autobiography movie of Homer Hickam’s ‘rocket boy’.

Jake Gyllenhaal Net Worth

In 2001 he again gave blockbuster and he appeared in the movie like Highway, The Good Girl, Lovely & Amazing, and Bubble Boy in 2002. Jake was once selected to act for spider man because of Tobey was not doing good in terms of his health but somehow he successfully recovered while Jake acted in another blockbuster movie ‘the day after tomorrow’.

Winner of three academy awards, four BAFTA awards and four golden globes and Golden lion prize in Venice film festival, the movie Brokeback Mountain was staring Jake and the most popular character ‘Joker’ aka Heath ledger. Jake also had many high-profile relationships with actresses in Hollywood while he was creating fame and of course earning in multi-millions.

Net Worth of Jake Gyllenhaal

The estimated net worth of Jake is staggering $75 million. His adapted movie ‘October sky’ earned $32 million in 1999 the point from where Jake’s net worth skyrocketed. In 2005, alone from movie Jarhead, he made $3 million, and his earning from movies the day after tomorrow is not known. After 5 years his earning from the movie the prince of Persia was $10 million which was quite impressive. And in 2015 he made another $3 million from the movie The Man Who Made It Snow. He had seen many ups and downs in his life but his never give up spirits always helping him to skyrocket his net worth and building the great reputation in this industry. So let’s see how he spends his millions.

When it comes to Auto collection, Jake has impressively made in Germany, Audi Q7. Which is powered by V12 with bigger specs priced $48,300-61,900? It is interesting to note that he does not spend a lot on automobiles but one he spent whopping $165,000 on the private jet to be with his girlfriend Taylor swift when travelling from the USA to the UK. Reportedly he does not have any motorcycle, private jet, and Yacht.

When it comes to home, Gyllenhaal has invested $3.5 million his wealth in Los Angeles, CA mansion which is packed with swimming pool, parking, and covering the large area in square feet.

He belongs to the well known family in Hollywood. His parents Stephen Gyllenhaal(film director) & mother Naomi Foner has the daughter Maggie Gyllenhaal who is also the actress in film industries. Even Jake and Maggie had worked on the same screen sometimes as screen sister and few other roles too. Moreover, he has colleagues like Anne Hathaway, Lance Armstrong and had Heath Ledger as well. In 2000, He dated actress Kirsten Dunst for almost two years. He also dated actress Reese Witherspoon who acted with her in movie Rendition in 2007. And of course, he spent whopping $165,000 on a private jet to spend time with his girlfriend, a singer Taylor swift in 2010. But according to officials, he is single now.

Being the successful actor, Jake also has the great reputation as he belongs to the most known family in Hollywood. He is still known for his exceptional acting skills and making the debut in movies at age of just 11. His movies like the day after tomorrow, prince of Persia & many award winner Brokeback Mountain are the one that can bring you to the edge of the chair.