Ali Basha Net Worth 2019

Who is Ali Basha and what is his net worth 2019? Ali Basha is a prominent Indian actor who has featured in over 1000 films, but before he became as famous as he is now, Ali was brought up in a humble background, his father, Mohammed Basha, being a tailor while his mother, Zaitun Bibi, was a stay at home wife. Ali’s family was humbled and would be taken to be a poor family living in Andhra Pradesh in an area known as Rajahmundry where Ali was born in the year 1968 on the 10th of October. He has one sibling, a brother by the name Khayyam who just like Ali is also an actor.

Ali Basha got married in the year 1994 on the 23rd of January when he got married to Zubaida Sultana and he has three children; one son and two daughters. His son’s name is Mohd Abdul Subhan while his daughter’s names are Fathima Ramee and Juveria Meethi.

Ali Basha Net Worth


Ali loved acting from quite an early age and h started acting as a child actor. When he was young, director Bharathi Raja was in search of child actors for a movie titled ‘Seethakoka Chiluka’ and Ali went to try out for a role which he successfully got. He acted in numerous movies, however, as he grew older he could no longer act a child actor and he evolved into a comedian. He was given comic roles in various movies and he eventually developed Chaata, a style of acting that has come to be associated with him.

As an actor he has received various award including the Best Child Actor award in the year 1981 due to his role in the film Seethakoka Chluka and he also featured in Amma Nanna O and Tamila Ammayi in the year 2003 and he won the ‘Filmfare Best Comedian Award’, a feat he repeated in the year 2005 with the film Super. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in the year 2013 by the Academy of Global Peace.

Some of the most known films which Ali Basha has featured in include Manam in the year 2014, Rowdy Babai in 1987, Sahasam in 2013, Wanted in 2011, Ontari in 2008, Hungama in 2005 and Vasu in 2002 amongst others. These are some of his most notable movies; however, he has featured in over 800 movies and counting since he is still getting various roles in upcoming movies.

During the South Indian International Movie awards, various actors, actresses and comedians from Telugu and Kannada and their fans came together for the showpiece where top actors were honoured. The event was held so as to fete deserving South Indian movie stars amongst others. Ali Basha provided plenty of laughs alongside his host Lakshmi Manchu.

Ali is also a brand ambassador for an anti-itching medicine that is known as Manmohan Jaado Malaam. He has also worked as a TV show host for a talk show on ATM, Gemini TV, and MAA TV. He has also hosted the show Ali Tho Jaaliga on ETV.

Net Worth of Ali Basha

Ali Basha owns a palatial home that sits on a prime piece of land overlooking beautiful scenery full of vegetation and trees. The house has an open plan kitchen, well-furnished rooms and a swimming pool for a relaxing time. The actor who also engages in charity work is said to have spent a large sum of money to get the amazing house and furniture in it. Ali’s net worth is estimated to be close to $3 million.

Ali Basha is a celebrated Southern India actor who had a passion for acting and although he started out as a child actor, he featured in numerous movies as a child actor but when he grew up, he evolved into a comedian, landing various comic roles in films. He is a respected Telugu actor with over 1000 films and counting under his belt.

Apart from acting, Ali Basha is a TV host and he also runs a charity organisation named after his father, whom he credits as having taught him the importance of giving back to society. He is an inspiration to many, proving that even if one comes from a humble background, you can pursue your passion and make it in life while enjoying what you do. You just have to take advantage of opportunities.