Ryan Higa Net Worth

Who is Ryan Higa and what is his net worth 2018? Ryan Higa is a YouTube personality who has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube. He is also an actor and a comedian. His YouTube username is ‘nigahiga’ and he is popular for his comedy videos. His videos have been viewed more than 3 billion times. His YouTube channel called ‘nigahiga’ was the most subscribed channel from 2009 to 2011 and it was for 677 consecutive days. In 2017, Higa released the single “Millennial Love” with Kina Grannis. He has also appeared in the 2016 movie ‘Tell Me How I Die’.

Ryan Higa was born on June 6, 1990, in Hilo, Hawaii. The town of Hilo has about 50,000 residents. He was born to parents Wendell Higa and Luci Higa. He has an elder brother named Kyle. He is of Japanese descent and comes from the Okinawa Prefecture. As a child, he used to compete in judo and also holds the rank of a black belt. He went to Waiākea High School in Hilo where he used to wrestle. Higa completed his graduation in 2008.

Ryan Higa Net Worth

In 2006, Ryan Higa began dating Tarynn Nago. The couple split in 2010.

In mid-2006, Rayan Higa used to upload videos on YouTube along with Sean Fujiyoshi. He created the YouTube channel in July 2006. It was formed by Ryan Higga, Sean Fujiyoshi, Tarynn Nago and Tim Enos who are known as “The Yabo Crew”. By December 2010, the channel had reached over 3 million subscribers. It also became the first channel on YouTube to reach the 3 million subscribers mark.

His YouTube name “nigahiga” is a combination of “Niga’ which is the “rant” in Japanese and “Higa” as his last name. In 2011, His second YouTube channel called HigaTV was formed. Higa has helped to form the YOMYOMF Network in 2012. He has served as one of the main judges with Timothy DeLaGhetto and Christine Lakin on Internet Icon which is an online talent competition for video making.

In 2008, with the help of Richard Van Vleet, he created his first film called ‘Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure’. In 2009, he made another film called ‘Ninja Melk’. They used to post videos of lip syncing when they were at Waiākea High School. Soon they moved to comedy pieces and also used to feature Ryan Villaruel, Tarynn Nago, Kyle Chun, and Tim Enos.

He went to study nuclear medicine from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. In 2012, he formed a production company called Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC). The company was formed along with his friend Fujiyoshi. In 2016, he teamed with other YouTubers to form the group ‘Boys Generally Asian’ which is a parody of K-pop.

Ryan Higa was nominated in the 2017 Teen Choice Awards in the category of ‘Choice Male Web Star’. In 2014, he was nominated for the Young Hollywood Awards as a ‘Viral Superstar’. He has been nominated three times in the ‘Streamy Awards’. In 2012, Ryan Higa won the Shorty Awards for ‘Best in Humor’.

Ryan Higa Net Worth

Ryan Higa found immense success after uploading his videos on YouTube. He has more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube and his videos have been viewed over 3 billion times. Ryan Higa’s net worth is an estimated $2.5 million. He owes this wealth to all the videos that are being watched on YouTube. This also goes to the films he made.

In 2010, he made the film ‘Agents of Secret Stuff’ with Wong Fu Productions and was uploaded in his nigahiga channel. He has also featured as DJ Elephant Head on ‘Supah Ninjas’. He has produced and directed the film ‘Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure’. His popular comedy videos include “How to be a Gangster”, “The iPod Human”, and “Nice Guys”.

Ryan Higa has posted his YouTube videos in collaboration with Kevin Wu, who is popularly known as Kev Jumba. In 2008, two of his videos were removed from YouTube. In 2009, his account was temporarily suspended from YouTube and was asked to remove videos which were copyrighted. In 2010, the videos reappeared again for public viewing.