Roman Atwood Net Worth

Who is Roman Atwood and how much his net worth? Roman Atwood is a renowned YouTube personality, a comedian, a Vlogger, and a prankster. He has mastered his trade, and he is doing well and excelling at it. His speciality and what he likes to do is post videos of his daily activities. He also updates videos of the pranks that he pulls off on people. At his young age, we can say that he is living his dream and still capable of experiencing even more. He is one of the YouTubers with the highest number of viewers and subscribers, and he is the second YouTube personality to receive the prestigious two Diamond Play Buttons right after German Garmendia. He is causing a stir in the YouTube fraternity.

Roman Bernard Atwood was born in the year 1983 in May. He has had an interest in filming and producing ever since he was young. His father is called Curt Dale Atwood, and his mother is named Susan Atwood. He started off on his career path by producing ‘The Nerd Herd’ which was a DVD series. He sold it at the Warped Tour that was held in 2006.

Roman Atwood Net Worth 2018-2019

Before becoming a fully pledged YouTuber, he used to work on film projects and commercials. He also worked at his family’s rope factory called Atwood Rope. He was married to Shanna Riley in 2001 and divorced her in 2008. They had one child. He now lives with his girlfriend named Brittney Smith, and they have two children; a son and a daughter.

As a YouTuber, he has produced many pranks. His plastic ball joke got a lot of attention and currently has over 86 million views. He filled his house with plastic balls and consequently turning it into a massive pit of balls. Nissan took an interest in this video and gave him a Nissan GTR so that he would let them use the video for their campaign. The video received an award; the 5th Streamy Awards as the Best Brand Campaign.

He also produced another prank video called Anniversary Prank. On their fifth anniversary, he cheated his girlfriend that he had cheated on her with another woman. Unfortunately, she saw the camera and pranked him back by confessing that she cheated too. This prank video that backfired was a hit. His other famous prank video is titled Killing My Kid Prank in which he pranked his wife by throwing a mannequin with a Spider-man costume over the balcony. His girlfriend rushed outside to confirm if it was their son only to find that it was a prank. This video has over 50 million views.

Atwood has featured in a film called Natural Born Pranksters alongside Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Dennis Roady. The film received negative reviews, and it did not do so well. He has also toured the United States and Canada with fellow YouTube personality; Yousef Erakat. They have plans to tour the United Kingdom.

Roman Atwood’s net worth

Roman Atwood has indeed done well to grow his career. He has worked hard and used his creative abilities to make a living. Currently, he has attracted a massive followership and a large number of subscribers to his YouTube channel. Roman Atwood has a net worth of approximately $14 million. He is one of the richest YouTubers.

With a total of 13.1 million subscribers of his RomanAtwoodVlogs channel and a total of 10.4 million subscribers for his RomanAtwood channel, you can be sure that he has worked extremely hard. He has a total of 3.8 views for his RomanAtwoodVlogs channel and a total of 1.4 billion views for his RomanAtwood channel. These are high numbers and indications of the attention he has from the people.