RiceGum Net Worth 2019

Who is RiceGum and what is his net worth as of 2018? The internet is a place that has given many people opportunities to become stars and build wealth for themselves. Because of this amazing opportunity offered to many people, the world has been made a smaller village as people can easily communicate and share their interests, artistic works, their thoughts, views, and opinions.

If you have ever had a dream and no one seems to notice you, the best great thing is for you to use the internet to spread the word about your existence and showcase what you have. With the help of social media, you can grow an empire. I know many people have. The best part of using the internet is the ability to access YouTube and even come up with your own YouTube channel. This is what most people have done.

RiceGum Net Worth

Early Life

On of such young people that have made their wealth and established themselves with the help of YouTube is this guy; RiceGum as he is known by many. This young millionaire’s name is Bryan Le and he got the name ‘RiceGum’ from his fans following his first release of the video that he called ‘Call of Duty.’ Bryan Le aka RiceGum was born in the year 1996 in the month of November. He is an internet personality and a YouTube star. He was born in the United States of America. He currently lives in Nevada with his loving and supportive family.


RiceGum started his YouTube career in the year 2012. As a famous personality, he first started as a gamer. He used to post content that related to ‘The Call of Duty.’ However, everything did not go as planned and he had to change his strategy and try something different. That is when he posted a video that was titled ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped.’ This was in the year 2015 and this is what made people take notice of him and his channel. The videos he posted about this topic primarily centered on criticizing the bad behaviors that fellow internet teenage stars were portraying.

As a YouTube personality, he has done a great work trying to communicate with his fellow youths and encourage them. He has some very catchy, inspiring, motivating, and uplifting quotes. These quotes have boosted the confidence of many people out there because he assures they are perfect just the way they are. All that he does is very commendable. At least we can see a youth who still has so much consideration for how people behave on the internet because the internet is a place that everything goes. Having a voice that can speak of the negatives going on over the internet, people can be at ease. This is because as long as there is one sober mind, much more will rise up. RiceGum is among the many sober minds out there and we are proud of him.

Net Worth of RiceGum

The net worth of RiceGum is estimated to be around $2.5 million. For a person this young to earn all this money, we can say that there are no limits to what anyone can achieve. Everyone within his age has lost an excuse for not being productive in the society. He only needed an internet connection and a YouTube channel to be a millionaire.

Bryan Le Aka RiceGum is just an example of many youths that we have today that is using the internet to make their lives. The internet has provided a way to become self-employed. Everyone needs to take advantage of this and make themselves stars.