Lance Stewart Net Worth

Who is Lance Stewart and what is his net worth 2018? Lance Stewart is a YouTuber who has got more than 3.5 million subscribers on his self-titled channel. He has got many other channels and has got more than 5.5 million followers on Vine. He has collaborated with many top Viners including Amanda Cerny, Marcus Johns, and Brandon Bowen. Apart from being a successful Viner, Stewart is also a successful vlogger. He used to shoot video since he was a child. He is popular with the name “Lance 210” on Vine. His followers on Instagram is more than 4.8 million. He is popularly for the video “It’s My Money and I Need It Now”.

Lance Stewart was born on June 20, 1996, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was born to parents Nina Stewart and Bruce Stewart. He was raised in Frankville and has a sister named Sabrina Stewart. He was introduced to Vine by his sister. Lance’s hobby was shooting videos and his family members have been included in his videos and vlogs. Lance’s grandmother has been named as “Badass Grandmom” on the internet.

Lance Stewart Net Worth

He started to upload videos n YouTube and started his own YouTube channel in February 2014. After, the creation of four months of his YouTube channel, Stewart got more than 30,000 subscribers. He has also posted many videos on Vine and his popular video entitled ‘It’s My Money and I Need It Now’ fetched more than 900,000 likes and got over 800,000 reviews.

Lance Stewart is of Irish and Italian descent. The Vine star and internet sensation have been known for his fun-loving nature and for his effort to help others. He has also been known for his charitable work. Lance Stewart has ordered 100 burgers from McDonald’s for the homeless people of California.

Further, he also ordered food for the people living in the street and for the left outs. He has also worked with many top viners. It has been reported that Stewart is dating Lizz Wurust who is a model by profession. She has also appeared in many of his videos.

Lance Stewart has a video named ‘I’m a Wizard’ with Marcus Johns, another Viner. In the beginning of his career, he used to make a short video which was just as a hobby. He grew popular both as a Viner and as a YouTuber. He has been counted with some top Viners like Marcus Johns, Amanda Cerny, and Brandon Bowen.

He began his career by working with his sister. After founding his own self-titled YouTube channel, Lance has got over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. He has also got more than 5.5 million followers on Vine on his account ‘Lance 210’. Most of his videos include funny niche, he also keeps on posting videos that happen regularly, especially the most awkward ones.

His video partners include Anwar Jibawi, Sham Idrees, Wuz God, and Page Kennedy. He also has more than three million followers on Instagram. His secondary channel on YouTube has got more than 700,000 followers. He has been known for introducing a variety of ideas in his videos.

Lance Stewart was nominated in the category of Comedian and Vineographer at the Shorty Awards.

Lance Stewart Net Worth

Lance Stewart started his career at a very young age. He has got many followers on Youtube. His followers on Vine is close to 6 million. In doing so, he has gone on to amass good wealth. Lance Stewart’s net worth is an estimated $3.2 million. He owes his wealth to the number of his views he has had in his account.

He also has over 4.5 million Instagram followers. He has gifted the car ‘Corvette Z06’ to his father on the occasion of his birthday and the video was popular on the internet. He has also become an internet sensation following his popularity on various media platforms. He has been successful in his endeavors.

Lance Stewart has always wanted to make money ever since he was young. At 20 years, he is one of the youngest Viners to have over 5.5 million followers. He has made more than 11 thousand tweets on Twitter. As a philanthropist, he has done lots for the people living in the streets.