Jordan Maron Net Worth

Who is Jordan Maron and what is his net worth 2018? If you are a netizen and fond of watching videos online , then Jordon Maron is not a stranger for you. We lives in a digital era and this handsome hunk discovered that internet is not about likes, share and comments; it could be a source of constant income as well. Jordon Maron, better known as CaptainSparklez, an online pseudonym, is an eminent YouTube personality and music producer.

He basically produced and posts videos of Minecraft Let’s plays, animation and command/mod block reviews, and game plays of various other video games chiefly Trials. He is currently enjoying the success with more than 10 million subscribers of his YouTube channel. So, how much this YouTube sensation earns with his unusual source of income. How much is Jordan Maron’s net worth? Let’s know him little more before jumping to the answer.

Jordan Maron Net Worth

Jordan Maron was born on February 10, 1992 in Los Angeles, California, United States. While he was four years old, the family moved to Santa Barbara where he attended Santa Barbara High School. Later, he joined University of California, Santa Barbara and did his graduation in Chemical Engineering. In the middle of his course, he developed passion for video games, thus decided to switch to Computer Science. He droped out after the first quarter and decided to pursue his career with YouTube.

Not much of information is available about Jordon’s personal life as he is a very private person. But one thing we know about him for sure is his love of YouTube is eternal.

Jordon debuted on YouTube with his first channel ProsDONTtalkSHIT in February 2010. This channel primarily focused on the game Call of Duty. In 2010, he dropped this channel and came up with a new one CaptainSparklez, dedicated to popular game Minecraft. Along with his videos, he also has known for his themed music videos such as TNT, Revenge, Minecraft styles, and Kings of Kingdom tetralogy.

Initially, he used to produce parodies of popular songs, but recently he has produced many original videos as well. Jordon came up with a mobile game company named XREAL in collaboration with Howard Marks who was already a master player of this field as he is co-founder of Activision and Acclaim Games and StartEngine. The company released its first game Fortress Fury in 2015 which received much appreciation with over 1.5 million downloads. In 2016, he made a swift entry in Forbes list of 30 under 30.

he also has a passion for music and in March 2016 , he started Maron Music. Under this banner, he releases electronic music in order to promote music producers. Jordon made an appearance in the sixth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode in June 2016. Presently, he is flaunting his success with over more than 10 million subscribers of his channel and secured a position of 91 in the list of Most Subscribed Channel on YouTube.

Jordon received You Tube Golden Play Button Award for his major contribution to YouTube. He was nominated for Shortly Award, one of the best awards in social media, as well.

Jordan Maron Net Worth

This 25 years old YouTube marvel has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Jordan Maron is a self made young bachelor of this 21st century. He paved his path of success in an unconventional field. He is a source of inspiration for millions of youth.