Willie Robertson Net Worth

Who is Willie Robertson and what is his net worth? Willie Robertson is a TV personality who is best known for his appearance on A&E’s reality TV series called ‘Duck Dynasty’. He is also an author, businessman, hunter, and outdoorsman. He currently serves as the CEO of ‘Duck Commander’. Willie Robertson is a Churches of Christ’s member and most of his family members have featured on the Duck Dynasty.

In 2015, he has appeared in the TV show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ He was associated with Duck Dynasty from 2012 till 2017. In 2014, he was a guest at the State of the Union Address by Vance McAllister, United States Representative.

Willie Robertson Net Worth 2018-2019

Willie Jess Robertson was born in Bernice, Louisiana on April 22, 1972. He was born to parents Marsha Kay Robertson and Phil Alexander Robertson. His father is also a star of the Duck Dynasty and is an entrepreneur and his mother is a TV personality. He has two elder brothers named Alan Robertson and Jason Robertson and a younger brother named Jep Robertson. He is the nephew of Silas Robertson.

He grew up as a hunter and used to spend his time outdoors and also in his father’s business ‘Duck Commander’. He used to handle various tasks of the company which used to include handling business calls and building duck calls. He attended the ‘Harding University’ which is affiliated to the Churches of Christ. Robertson later went to the University of Louisiana at Monroe and completed his graduation from NE Louisiana University.

In July 1992, Willie Robertson married Korie Howard. They have six children together Rowdy, Bella, Will, Sadie, Rebecca and John Luke. The family currently lives in West Monroe in Louisiana. His daughter Rebecca is his foster child and is not legally adopted by him.

Willie Robertson and his brothers have been very passionate about their father’s business. With the help of his degree, he transformed his father’s business into a multi-million dollar empire. His major portion of wealth comes from the company ‘Duck Commander’ and this led him to start the TV show called ‘Duck Dynasty’.

He started another company called ‘Buck Commander’ in 2006. The company used to create Buckmen series of DVDs. The company also led to the creation of the TV show on Outdoor Channel called ‘Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour’.

He has served as the executive producer of the show and has also appeared in it for 2 years. He has also appeared on the television show ‘Last Man Standing’ along with his uncle Si. He has also appeared in a Christina film called ‘God’s Not Dead’. At the 2014 State of the Union Address, he was the guest of Vance McAllister.

In 2010, he was seen in ‘Billy the Exterminator’. In 2013, Willie Robertson was seen in ‘Last Man Standing’. He is the CEO of the company ‘Duck Commander’ which is based in Monroe, Louisiana.

In 2014, Willie Robertson was conferred with the ‘Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence’ by the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. It was given at the Duck Commander warehouse in Monroe.

Willie Robertson Net Worth

Willie Robertson has been a passionate hunter right from his childhood. He used to engage in his father’s business from a near age. He transformed his father’s business into a big empire and went on to become the CEO of the company. By doing so, he has gone to accumulate good wealth for himself. Willie Robertson’s net worth is an estimated $23 million.

He has inherited the majority of his wealth from his company and also by appearing in the Duck Dynasty. Along with his wife Korie he has appeared in “God’s Not Dead’. Robertson was the narrator of the reality series ‘Duck Dynasty’ which also featured his other family members. In 2013, he released the album called ‘Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas’ and was released by UMG Nashville. The album peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Willie Robertson and his entire family are involved in a lot of charitable works. The family is known to help the local church. Like most of his family members on Duck Dynasty, Robertson also has the ZZ Top-style beard. He is a dedicated Christian.