Tony Beets Net Worth 2019

Who is Tony Beets and what is his net worth 2019? Tony Beets is a miner from Canada and also a television personality who has appeared in the reality TV series ‘Gold Rush’ on the Discovery Channel. He is the owner of the Tamarack Mine. He joined the show ‘Gold Rush’ from its second season. In the fifth season, Beets bought a dredge on Clear Creek worth $1 million. In the show, his family appears to him. He is one of the most successful miners in Klondike. He is a Dutch-Canadian and currently lives in the United States with his family. His previous profession was a coal miner.

Early Life

Tony Beets was born in Wijdenes, Netherlands on December 15, 1959. He was born to parents Klaus Beets and Magda Beets. When he was seven, his family moved to Burgwerd. At an early age, he used to look after his family farm. In 1980, he immigrated to Canada. Before the immigration, Beets worked for many years with his family. In 1984, he began to do mining in Dawson City in Yukon Territory. He also milked the cow and worked for a pipeline construction company.

Tony Beets Net Worth

Tony Beets is happily married to his wife Minnie Beets. The couple has got four children namely Monica Beets, Mike Beets, Kevin Beets, and Bianca Beets. They also had a fifth daughter named Jasmine who was born in 1992 but died when she was only 2 months. Beets was born to English parents.


In 2010, Tony Beets appeared on the television show ‘Gold Rush’. He debuted in the show along with his family members including his four children. In the second season of the show, has advised Todd Hoffman on how to drill test holes. He also told him about the secret of a successful mining. In the fourth season, Beets leased his land to another top Gold Rush performer Parker Schnabel.

In the fifth season, he bought a floating industrial dredge on Clear Creek worth a million dollar. In 2016, he was charged for “Viking baptism” under the Yukon Waters Act and was ordered to pay a fine of $1,725 in the seventh season. The controversy evolved after his dredge pond was set on fire. Beets has gone on to appear in many episodes of the show.

Tony Beets has earned many achievements in the show ‘Gold Rush’. He has achieved success in many mappings and exploration.

Net Worth of Tony Beets

Tony Beets moved many places to support his family. He has worked on farms and has employees double his age. He has been considered as a strong headed and a dedicated person. After all his hard work, he has gone on to accumulate good wealth for himself. Tony Beets net worth is estimated $16 million. He owes his fortune to the entire struggle he has witnessed in his life. He began his career by working in a construction company for about three years.

Today, he is estimated to get around $25,000 from a single episode by appearing on Gold Rush. He is thankful for the popularity of the show that he has gone on to make this income. He also rose to fame after appearing in Gold Rush. He also owns a mining company called ‘Tamarack Mines’ where he has recruited many local miners in his company. His mining business is also assisted by his wife and children. After appearing in the season 2 of Gold Rush, he again reappeared in the fourth season. He has not looked back after being on the show.

Tony Beets has been considered as a hardworking person. He works with the beets Crew on the Paradise Hill. His wife assists him in his business and company affairs. His dream is to have highly producing mines and to hire local people. He also hires local teenagers in his company ‘Tamarack Mine’. As a reality TV star and owner of Tamarack Mine, his net worth is higher than that of Parker Schnabel. In one of the seasons, he pulled 737 oz of gold with his dredge. He plans to mine gold up to $1.5 million by buying his million dollar dredge.