Todd Hoffman Net Worth 2019

Who is Todd Hoffman and what is his net worth 2019? Todd Hoffman is a gold miner who is known for the reality TV series ‘Gold Rush’ on the Discovery Channel. In the show, he has travelled to places for mining gold with his crew. He decided to do gold mining after the decline of his aviation business located in Oregon. With the rise in the prices of gold in the stock market, it further prompted him to be a gold miner. In 2014, he successfully mined gold over 1000 ounces with his team. Hoffman’s father was also a gold miner in the 1980s.

Early Life

Todd Hoffman was born on April 12, 1969, in the state of Oregon, United States. He was born to parents Georgia Hoffman and Jack Hoffman. Just like him, his father too was a miner of gold. Jack used to mine gold in Alaska over 2 decades ago and is currently in the series ‘God Rush’ with his son. Todd Hoffman was inspired by his father to be a gold miner. He has a sister by the name Tamra Hoffman.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd Hoffman is married to Shauna Hoffman. The couple has two children together, a son named Hunter Hoffman and a daughter named Hudson Hoffman. He regularly posts his family pictures on social networking sites. He maintains a low key profile when it comes to family life.


Todd Hoffman was in the aviation business but was attracted to gold after the rise in the price of gold in the stock market. He still owns an airport. With the financial crisis of 2008, Hoffman decided to plunge into gold business. He invested $1 million to gather the equipment for mining.

He became a reality TV star of the show ‘Gold Rush’ on Discovery. In the show, he is the leader of the Hoffman crew and has gone to many places to dig gold. He had a disappointing first season but did well in the concluding seasons. In January 2011, his team was out of money and was given an ultimatum to dig gold worth $10,000 or else the team will get eliminated. In a desperate attempt to find gold, he and his team spent 5 months in Alaska.

In the second season, the Hoffman crew finally found gold and became the game changer of the show. In November 2012, his investor demanded 100 ounces of gold or else he would pull out of the Klondike Operation. He also struggled in the fourth season. His team left for Chile, Guyana, and Peru in the third season. On December 2016, one of his crew members quits and he hits rock bottom. In February 2017, his crew opens a second mine in Colorado and gets the best-cleanup of the season.

With his crew, Hoffman has mined 3,032 ounces of gold in the sixth season of Gold Rush.

Net Worth of Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman was passionate about gold mining as his father too was in the same line 25 years ago. Despite being an owner of an airport in Sandy, Oregon, he decided to leave his business and to do mining. In doing so, he bought equipment worth $1 million. Todd Hoffman’s net worth is an estimated $500 thousand. His salary for a single season is $200 thousand.

He still owns his airport and is also active in the show ‘Gold Rush’ on Discovery. He achieved good fame after appearing in ‘God Rush’ and has become a figure in the entertainment industry. The show also has simultaneous telecast on TLC. He is the leader of the Hoffman Crew and has travelled to many locations with his crew to dig gold. He has also included his father in his own team in the show.

Todd Hoffman is very active on social networks. He has got over 340,000 followers on Facebook. He also has a large number of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Hoffman has been associated with the program since its first six episodes in season 1 and has continued to its current season. He is a family oriented man and has never had any extra marital affairs. In the show, he has also helped other people to get employed by allowing in his crew.