Sean Hannity Net Worth

Who is Sean Hannity and how much his net worth? Sean Hannity or Sean Patrick Hannity is a popular face in the current affairs of America right now. Born on December 30, 1961, Sean was determined to be the talk of the town one day. Currently, his profession includes radio and television host and commentator on current politics of America.

Along with that he is notable Author and had many of his works published. Currently, he is hosting “The Sean Hannity Show”. It would be interesting to know about his net worth and assets the reason being his incredibly obnoxious comments on politics at some time.

Sean Hannity Net Worth 2018-2019

Sean Hannity Net Worth

Sean being one of the most popular television hosts, his debates on politics and current affairs. Born in New York City, Sean spent his high school at St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary. Soon After he dropped out of New York University and Adelphi University, to work as a contractor. He dreamt of being a radio and television host for which his immense talent in public speaking and debates gave an edge.

He worked for various firms that include WVNN in Athens and Alabama, WGST in Atlanta WABC, WOR in new work, etc before settling at “the Sean Hannity show”. His current net worth is estimated to be around $86 million US dollars.His sheer dedication for work and shows amplifies his success.

Hannity hosted his first talk radio show in 1989 at the volunteer college in the United States. Since then there is no going back for him. He had hosted numerous talk shows, radio shows and debates on public interest and political affairs. Sometimes his comments bring about disputes among the general public, yet he is celebrated as one of the most successful television host and political commentator. His assets include luxurious house, numerous cars, and properties scattered at various places in the United States.

From an early age, Sean had worked on various shows and debates. For his extremely talented oral presentation of talks, Sean not only gains popularity in short time but also bagged some quality long term projects. Some of them are:

– Co-host of Hannity & Colmes, an American political debate television show.
– On-air debates with show guests such as Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer, on the issue of contraception.

Hannity’s America- 2007

“the Hannity show”- 2009

Various radio host projects include:

The Sean Hannity Show- 2001, broadcasted over 500 stations nationwide.

Hannity extended his contract with citadel Media to continue the Hannity show in 2004.

Hannity again was signed for a $100 million in citadel Media in 2009. This contract was to extend Hannity show. For his works and projects, Hannity is currently ranked No. 2 in Top 100 Talk Host in America by talker’s magazine.
Various radio stations for which Hannity worked include:

WOAI San Antonio
WKRC Cincinnati
WREC Memphis
WOOD Grand Rapids
WFLA Tampa
KFYI Phoenix
WPGB Pittsburgh
WLAC Nashville
KTRH Houston

In September 2013, Sean Hannity signed a long-term contract with Premiere Networks and in 2014, Hannity signed contract with various stations that include:

WDTK Detroit
KSKY Dallas

Not only Hannity famous for his talks and debates but also some of his works in form of books has been published. They are:

– Let Freedom Ring
-Deliver Us from Evil
– Conservative Victory.

All of Hannity’s published works has made it up for New York’s bestseller list.

Sean has received many awards for his works and projects. They are:

• Marconi Award for network syndicated personality of the year- 2003
• Honorary Degree from the chancellor of Liberty University- 2005.
• Marconi award for network syndicated personality of the year- 2007

Sean Hannity Family

Sean’s family include:
His Father- Hugh J. Hannity
His mother- Lillian F. Hannity
His wife- Jill Rhodes
His son- Patrick Hannity
His daughter- Merry Kelly Hannity

Nevertheless, Sean has been worshiped as a star political commentator and television host all over the US. No doubt, his assets speak of success.