Phil Robertson Net Worth

Who is Phil Robertson and what is his net worth 2018? Phil Robertson is a reality television star who appears in ‘Duck Dynasty’. He is also a businessman and professional hunter. Robertson has appeared on another reality hunting program called ‘Buck Commander’ on Outdoor Channel. He has previously a football player and used to play college football. He has been known as the main patriarch of ‘Duck Dynasty’. Robertson began his career by working as a teacher for several years and was also an owner of a bar. He is a devout Christian and is a member of the Church of Christ in White’s Ferry Road.

Phil Alexander Robertson was born in Vivian, Louisiana on April 24, 1946. He was born to parents James Robertson and Merritt Robertson. He had six other siblings and his family suffered from financial problems when he was young. In his house, there was no bathtub, electricity, and toilet. The family rarely used to buy groceries and used to live on fruits and vegetables and also by hunting pigs, chickens, fish, deer, squirrel, and their own cattle.

Phil Robertson Net Worth

Robertson was active in baseball, track, and football when he was in high school. In the 1960s, he received a football scholarship to attend Louisiana Tech University. In his college, he used to play as a quarterback for the Bulldogs. He was a starter in the 1966 and 1967 season but did not play in the 1968 season. He earned his BA degree in physical education and also has a master’s degree in education. In his college, Robertson made 179 passes out of 411 with 12 touchdowns and 2,237 yards.

In 1966, Phil Robertson married Marsha “Kay” Carroway after dating for two years. The couple has four children together including Willie Robertson and Jase Robertson. Phil is the brother of Silas Robertson and Jimmy Frank Robertson. All of his family members appear in the show ‘Duck Dynasty’.

Following his college, Phil Robertson was approached by Paul Harvey to play professionally for Washington Redskins. However, he declined the offer as it conflicted with his hunting. Following that, he spent many years as a teacher. This was followed by becoming a fisherman. In 1975, he was running a bar. In 1972, he made his first Duck Commander call and a year later he formed the company ‘Duck Commander’.

As of today, it is a multi-million dollar business which is run by his son Willie. He has appeared in the main role in the reality television series ‘Duck Dynasty’ on A&E. The other cast of the show includes his family members. He is also the creator and patriarch of Duck Commander which started in 2013. In the same year, he released his memoir called ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’ with Mark Schlabach.

He has also featured in the film ‘Torchbearer’ by Steve Bannon. In December 2016, he became Ben Carson’s replacement to be the chairman of the project “Fight for the Court” of American Legacy Center.

Phil Robertson was nominated for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards in the category of Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star. His show, Duck Dynasty has won many awards including the 2013 Critics Choice Television Awards.

Phil Robertson Net Worth

Phil Robertson has changed many professions in his career. He played college football but declined to play professionally as he was interested in duck hunting. He has also worked as a teacher and then established his own company called ‘Duck Commander’. In doing so, he has gone on to amass good wealth. Phil Robertson’s net worth is an estimated $17 million.

His company is now a multi-million dollar establishment and he also owned a bar. He has also appeared in film and released his own memoir. His show ‘Duck Dynasty’ has been popular and has completed 11 seasons until March 2017. He has also invented the Duck call.

Phil Robertson opposes abortion and has suffered from many personal problems when he was in his 20s. He dislikes modern technology and has described himself as a low-tech man. In an interview with GQ magazine in 2013, Robertson was in controversy after he said that homosexuality is a sin. He was also a subject of controversy in 2015 when he said that STDs are the legacy of hippies, communists, and Nazis.