Jim Cramer Net Worth

Who is Jim Cramer and what is his net worth 2018? Jim Cramer is a television personality who is best known as the host of Mad Money on CNBC. He is also a best-selling author and hedge fund manager. Cramer is the co-founder of the company called TheStreet, Inc. He has also appeared in various TV shows including Late Night with Conan O’Brien, NBC Nightly News, Cheap Seats, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Live with Regis and Kelly, The Apprentice, and Late Show with David Letterman. He is the founder of the charitable trust called “Action Alerts PLUS”. He has released various books in his career.

James J. Cramer was born on February 10, 1955, in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He was born to parents Louise A. Cramer and N. Ken Cramer. His mother was an artist and his father was the owner of International Packaging Products. When he was a child, he used to sell ice cream at the time of Philadelphia Phillies games in the Veterans Stadium. Cramer attended that Springfield Township High School located in Montgomery County.

Jim Cramer Net Worth

He earned his BA in government from Harvard College with a magna cum laude in 1977. When in college, he used to be the Editor-in-chief and President of The Harvard Crimson. He then attended the Harvard Law School and earned his Juris Doctorate degree in 1984. Following that, he worked in many entry-level jobs.

Jim Cramer was first married to Karen Backfisch who was employed at the hedge fund company of Michael Steinhardt. They have two daughters together. The couple divorced in 2009. In April 2015, Jim Cramer was married to real estate broker Lisa Detwiler.

In 1978, Jim Cramer used to work in Tallahassee Democrat, where he used to write about Ted Bundy murders. This was followed by working as a journalist in Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. He has also worked for Jerry Brown, Governor. Cramer then became a reporter for American Lawyer. In 1985, he became a member of the New York Bar. When in law school, he began investing in the stock market.

He was given $500,000 by Martin Peretz to invest, which in two years became $650,000. In 1984, he was employed as a stockbroker. In 1987, he found his hedge fund called Cramer & Co. In 2001, he retired from the hedge fund with an annual return turnover of 24%. Then he became an “editor at large” for SmartMoney magazine. In 1996, he became the co-founder of TheStreet, Inc. He currently serves as the adviser and the market commentator of TheStreet, Inc.

His stake in TheStreet, Inc. is 10%. In 2005, he became the host of ‘Mad Money with Jim Cramer’ on CNBC. He has also hosted other shows like Kudlow & Cramer and America Now. Cramer has appeared in a number of TV shows and was also seen in the film Iron Man in 2008.

One of the major achievements of Jim Cramer remains to be the founder of TheStreet.com, with Martin Peretz. He has also formed “Action Alerts PLUS”.

Jim Cramer Net Worth

Jim Cramer has ventured into various professions in his career. Jim Cramer’s net worth is an estimated $110 million. Part of this wealth also comes from his hosting career. He was also the chairman of TheStreet.com, Inc. and has received earnings worth $461,276 from TheStreet, Inc. He has also written seven books in his career. His first book was titled ‘Jim Cramer’s Getting Back to Even’. In the show Mad Money, Cramer discusses Sell Block, Off the Charts, Outrage of the Day, Mad Mail, Game Plan, Market Marshmallows, and Execution Decision.

Jim Cramer has been involved in many controversies. He has settled a lawsuit in 2000 with Fox News Channel. He was also the host of the radio show called ‘Jim Cramer’s Real Money’, which was similar to the show ‘Mad Money. He became interested in finance when he was in his law college. His company has been titled as Cramer, Berkowitz & Co. after it was taken over by Berkowitz.