Farrah Abraham Net Worth 2018

Who is Farrah Abraham and what is her net worth 2018? The world as we know it today wouldn’t be the same if it did not have the whole host of reality T.V shows we have now. The United States of America is notorious for having a huge amount of reality shows and Telenovelas and some of these reality shows have a huge fan following which makes the actors who star in it super popular and give them a cult status. One of the more popular reality T.V. shows was the ’16 and pregnant’ T.V show and Farrah Abrahams was the biggest star to come out of the show and achieved a lot of popularity. Farrah Abrahams is from Austin, Texas and is well known for being in reality T.V shows.

Early Life

Farrah Abraham was born on March 31, 1991, which means she will turn 26 years old in just a few days. Farrah was born into a uniquely descended family in Omaha, Nebraska. Farrah’s parents both had a unique lineage with her father being of Syrian and Italian descent and her mother was of a Danish and Sicilian descent. The sad thing was that Farrah’s parents treated her very badly and abused her a lot during her childhood and were responsible for the traumatic childhood she went through. Farrah reportedly had a lot of cuts and bruises on her hands which everyone knew was from her parents who ill treated her.

Farrah Abraham Net Worth

Farrah was brought up in Council Bluffs, Iowa which was also where she went to school. When she was in school, Farrah was very interested in athletic sports like gymnastics and so she joined the cheerleading team in her school. She was a great cheerleader and cheerleading itself distracted her from the problems at home. Farrah’s parents did not get along with each other and Farrah was deeply affected by all this. Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham ended up getting divorced in 2010 when Farrah was 18.

Farrah’s life took a huge turn in 2008 when she became pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. Farrah was just 16 at this time and her mother did not allow her to get an abortion as it was against her personal beliefs. Farrah had been dating her boyfriend Derek Underwood since 2006 and she got pregnant in the April of 2006. This was when Farrah’s life changed entirely as she was going to take up the huge responsibility of raising a child at just 16 years old.

The sad thing about this whole incident was that Derek, Farrah’s boyfriend died in a car crash later that year when Farrah was eight months pregnant. This shocked Farrah to the core but she loved Derek dearly and insisted that he was her only true love and she could never get over him. This motivated her to bring up her child in memory of Derek. Sophia Laurent Abraham was born on 23rd February, 2009.


In June of the same year, Farrah was asked to appear on the first season of ’16 and pregnant’, a newly launched reality show. This show covered the lives of 5 teen moms and the struggles they went during their pregnancy and the hardships they faced at home and how the society treated them. Farrah first appeared on the second episode of ’16 and pregnant’ and narrated her life experiences and what she went through during her early pregnancy. She believed all her dreams shattered because of her pregnancy and the fact that she had to raise her child alone because of the death of her boyfriend.

In 2012, Farrah ventured into the music industry with a single that received rather mixed reviews. 2013 was a very dark year for Farrah as she later said that she was drugged and raped during this period more than once. She also featured in a sex tape with James Deen. According to some sources in the adult film industry Farrah received a cool 1.5 million dollars for the sex tape and even though the film was shot with consent, it was marketed as a leaked sex tape.

Net Worth of Farrah Abraham

Farrah’s net worth stands at $1 million. This high net worth at just 2 years old is a huge deal for Farrah. This money came about from the various reality shows she has been on each offering huge salaries. Her sextape which was released in 2013 also helped fund this huge net worth as it amounted to 1.5 million dollars. In 2015, Palazio’s gentleman club in Austin, Texas, signed Farrah on for $544,000 for a place at the club untile December of that year. This all contributed to such a high net worth of $1 million dollars.

Farrah is someone who can be looked up to because she did not let her circumstances dictate her life and went on to do everything she liked. She sees music as a hobby and as such she released a couple of single and an album and even a memoir of her teen pregnancy.