Dr. Phil Net Worth

Who is Dr. Phil and What is net worth of him? Dr. Phil or as he was named, Phillip Calvin McGraw is an American psychologist who became famous after he debuted on Oprah Winfrey’s show and indeed, Oprah is deemed to be the way to success for Dr. Phil now. Phillip debuted in a show he hosts in 2002 called Dr. Phil which became a hugely popular T.V show over the years. In the year 2015, Phillip became the highest earning celebrity in the world with an income crossing $70 million dollars for the previous year.

Since his appearance on Oprah’s show in the late 1990’s Phillip has become known to common people everywhere as Dr. Phil and is a renowned psychologist. On his show, Phillip offers life advice through some strategies and tricks from the years he worked as a psychologist and he offers advice to people who come to him with their problems or someone they think is having trouble.

Dr. Phil Net Worth 2018-2019

Phillip Calvin McGraw was born on September 1, 1950, in Vinita, Oklahoma. He was born to Anne Geraldine and Joseph McGraw Jr. Phillip was the only boy to his parents having two elder sisters and one younger sister. He lived along with his family in the oilfields in North Texas before the whole family moved so that Phillip’s father could pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a psychologist. Seeing his father pursue psychology was a motivation for Phillip and he decided early on that he was going to grow up to be a psychologist as well.

The entire family moved to Kansas where Phillip went to Shawnee Mission north High School in Overland Park. After high school, he was offered a football scholarship from the University of Tulsa. In the University of Tulsa, he played on the team as the middle linebacker under coach Glenn Dobbs. After university, Phillip earned a B.A in psychology and went on to get an M.A. in experimental psychology and in the year 1979 he received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Texas.

Career: After finishing several courses in psychology, Phillip joined his father at the private psychology practice he had started and started consulting there. In the year 1983, He and his father collaborated with Thelma Box to create a series of seminars titled ‘Pathways’ which became a huge success and many of the terms coined here would go on to become popular when Phillip would appear on the Today show. These seminars were also the source for Phillip’s memoirs titled Life Strategies.

After winning a case for Oprah Winfrey and her company in 1998, Phillip was invited to talk to Dr. Phil on the Today show and he became hugely popular. This led to Oprah inviting him frequently on the show until he became a weekly presenter talking about relationships and love.

Once he realized that he was hugely popular, Phillip decided to start his own show titled Dr. Phil as a talk show where he would interview guests on a weekly basis and help them figure out a solution to their problems. This would also help the viewers of his show if they were undergoing a similar problem. He started his show under the production of Oprah’s own production company Harpo Studios.

Over the years, Phillip has also entered into the weight loss supplements industry which bought him more loss than profit as he was sued for not being medically qualified to endorse such products. He ended up paying 10 million dollars in damages to various plaintiffs. In 2003, Phillip started a foundation called the Dr. Phil foundation which would help obese children overcome their problems and help them become healthy.

Dr. Phil Net Worth

Dr. Phil’s net worth stood at $430 million with him earning close to $80 million just in the year 2015 which earned him the title of highest paid celebrity in that year. He earned most of his money through the Dr. Phil show which gave him huge revenue as it was his own show. He also earned a lot through endorsements and book deals as he had also written a book that was hugely successful. There were also a lot of spin off shows one of which was even produced by his own son jay. All of these have helped him reach this high net worth of $430 million!

Dr. Phil is not only a huge personality. He is also a good human as he gives advice to people which may even save lives. He is truly an inspiration to people everywhere and is an example of how to not let circumstances define your life.