Al Roker Net Worth

Who is Al Roker and what is his net worth 2018? Albert Lincoln Roker Jr, commonly known as Al Roker is one of weather report presenters of the longest running news and talk show on NBC, The Today Show. Roker holds a Guinness World Record for the longest reporting duration of 34 hours. Apart from his weatherman duties, Roker has also found time for acting and authoring books. The current net worth of Al Roker is credited to his dedication towards work.

Al Rocker took birth in Queens, New York and had a dream of being a cartoonist since his childhood but fortune had something else and bigger for him. Roker completed his graduation from Xavier High School in Manhattan and went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications at the University of New York at Oswego in 1976. He was great at playing basketball and had represented his school in a number of games. He was also an active participant in a number of illustration and cartooning clubs of his school.

Al Roker Net Worth

The initial phase of his career included anchoring for When TV in New York which he took up as a part time job while pursuing his Bachelors Degree studies. Roker started working with NBC in 1978 at Cleaveland and worked there for 5 years. He returned to New York in 1983 and became the weatherman for the weekends on WNBC TV.

He tasted success when he anchored for the NBC even on weeknights and his show started other shows on the channel. It was 1996 when Roker got the official position as the anchor and weatherman of Today. In 1994 he launched his own entertainment company titled Al Rocker Entertainment Inc. which produced a chain of successful shows. He has made appearances as actor and host in a number of shows as well. Of late he has also undertaken several new roles like the co host of The Weather Channel’s Wake up with Al show.

Al has a series of awards to his name. This includes the prestigious Emmy Awards which is offered to personalities for their immense contribution towards TV programmes. Al Roker has more than a dozen of Emmy Awards to his name and he also has the American Meteorological Society’s Seal of Approval honour. Al Roker has also been named as the Best Weatherman by the New York Magazine.

Al Roker started his writing career in 2009 when he co authored a novel series on murder mystery. The second book in the series which was released in 2011 was nominated for a Nero Award. Apart from the above series, Al Roker has 5 more books to his name, including the one he has co authored with his wife. He has also made a series of appearances in a number of TV Series episodes and movies too.

Al Roker first married the producer of the channel WNBC, Alice Bell in 1984 but they were separated in 1994. He married his colleague and long time friend Deborah Roberts in 1995. Roker has two daughters and one son.

Al Roker Net Worth

Al Roker draws a salary of $8 million every year. Apart from this, he also receives money from his books, and the shows that the Al Rocker Entertainment Inc. produces. Owing to his immense dedication towards his job at NBC as a weatherman and the perfection that he has achieved in his job, his salary has been subjected to constant and continual increments since the day he started working for NBC. As of now the net worth of Al Roker is expected to be around $34 million.

Al Roker has established himself as one of the most eminent personalities of the American Television. Due to the success in his job, he has also found a place in the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame.