Tim McGraw Net Worth 2019

Who is Tim McGraw and what is his net worth 2019? Tim McGraw, (Samuel Timothy McGraw) is a popular American singer, Songwriter & Actor. He was born on 1st may 1967, in Delhi, Louisiana, U.S. He is the son of late baseball player Tug McGraw and Elizabeth Ann D’ Agostino, a waitress. Since childhood he loved to play competitive sports, including baseball. He was also a member of the FFA. He got married to a singer named Faith Hill in 1996.

He won approximately 50 awards as of 2017 including 3 Grammies, 11 Country Music Association and many more. His first achievement came in the year 1994 when he received an awards for Best Album and Best male video artist not a moment soon. And these awards became the major milestones for his success eventually increasing his popularity.

Tim McGraw Net Worth

Education: Tim McGraw attended the University of Louisiana, on the baseball scholarship, but due a knee injury he could not pursue the sport further. He decided to leave college and move to Nashville. He was passionate of playing guitar and used to practice it during his leisure time Another awkward fact is that his roommates would hide his guitar because his practice sessions were not good to hear.

Net Worth of Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw one of the most successful country singers who has a net worth of approximately $150 million. Tim and Kenny Chesney held 23 concerts last year. He made record breaking revenue by selling 2 million copies of his album in just 8 weeks(1996). He is paid $4.5 million for a concert. He is the leading singer of the Country music and a well-known actor as well. His film ‘Flick’ (2006) made revenue of $25 million in the box office.

Annual income: $38,000,000
Monthly income: $3,166,666

The couple owns a huge mansion in Nashville, about 4.22 acres which is worth $2,550,000; the property features a historical type of architecture with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, open kitchen, and a marvelous swimming pool. They also have a Tennessee, USA with extensive farm spread over a vast area and a simple elegant farmhouse .The country stars also own an island in the Bahamas .It is a 17 acre island fully developed for leisure purposes bought in 2008.Tim also owns a jeep wrangler which played an important part in the musician’s relationship with his wife Faith.

The all-time favorite actor and singer Tim McGraw has also worked in a television show Robbers (2015). He also performs with his wife Faith Hill in various concerts which brings millions of dollar income to his balance sheet. The popular concerts of the duo are Soul 2 Soul .He has also worked for a Texas high studio football drama ‘Friday Night lights ‘ .Tim also supports some organisations which work for a social cause some of those are.

• Andre Agassi charitable foundation
• David Foster Foundation
• TJ Martell foundation
• Kids Wish Network

Tim has recently announced a world tour named the Soul 2 Soul II as a celebration in accordance with the 10th anniversary of the duos last tour which ended in September 2007. Their new duet music ‘ keep your eyes on me ‘ which is going to be featured in the major motion picture ‘THE SHACK’ which will hit theater’s on 3rd March 2017.The Soul 2 Soul II world tour 2017 starts on April 7 , in New Orleans and ends on 27th of October 2017 . It is a 7 month long tour in which the duo will perform in New Orleans, tupelo Birmingham, Atlanta and many more cities.

In spite of facing a lot of challenges in the early life Tim McGraw never gave up on music. Radio channels shoes no interest to play his music at first but now is the most loved country singer. He already has a massive fan base which was visible during the last tour of the duo where they sold approximately 1.1 million tickets. Recognised by his trademark “the cowboy hat “ Tim McGraw works with the Andre Agassi foundation which supports American boys and girls for learning which dedicates to transform US public education system. This signifies his kind-heartedness and willingness to support young talents.