Taylor Swift Net Worth 2019

Who is Taylor Swift and What is her net worth 2019? What makes her stand out in the crowd is not only her heart winning singing but also her acting skills. You would be amazed to know that Swift has appeared as an actress on screen in various genres which include crime drama, romantic comedies and animated films. Her romantic comedy Valentine’s Day in 2010 was a big hit and made her even more popular among her fans.

Early Life

Born on 13th December,1989 in Pennsylvania , Taylor Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 14 to pursue her career in country music.

Some of her greatest achievements include winning multitude prestigious awards including ten AMA’s, six Grammy Awards, thirteen BMI Awards and seven CMAs. She won Album of the Year Award for the popular album Fearless. List of some of her heart throbbing songs include Blank Space, The Way I Loved You, Teardrops on My Guitar, Our Song, Love Story, Crazier. She definitely has that magical effect to make the crowds dance to the tunes of her songs.

Taylor Swift Net Worth 2019

She is also known for her philanthropic work and was recognised by Do Something Awards and the Tennessee Disaster Services. In 2008, she donated $100000 to Red Cross to help the flood victims in Iowa. She is also said to have performed charity reliefs like Sydney’s Sound Relief Concert. She also plays an important role in other activities like promoting child literacy and other educational programs. In 2009, she donated $250000 to various schools across the country for improvement of education.

Education: At age of nine, Swift joined an musical theatre and performed in Berks Youth Theatre Academy. She travelled across the New York City for vocal and acting lessons. Later her focus shifted to country music and Shania Twain was her new inspiration. She also started participating in events and local festivals.


At a mere age of 12 years, she learnt to play three cords of guitar which led to her first effort as a songwriter. “Lucky You”. Later, Taylor Swift came into limelight after she started working with some experienced songwriters like Brett Beavers, Troy Verges, The Warren Brothers, Brett James and Mac McNally.

In 2006, her first album named “Taylor Swift” was a hit. Her second album “Fearless” was released in 2008 with songs like “ You Belong With Me” and “Love Story”. Almost immediately, in 2010 her third album was released which added a feather to her cap. Her songs usually revolve around the themes of love, heartbreaks and relationships. Her music style is a mix and match of popular elements of pop, pop rock and country.

Net Worth of Taylor Swift

Swift’s net worth is $400 million. Taylor Swift is known for her versatile skills not just as a singer but also as an actress, musician, pop singer writer. Taylor Swift became youngest faces in 2006 when her first album got released in 2006. According to 2009 Forbes Survey, Swift was ranked as 69th most powerful celebrity with approximate earnings of $18 million while a positive up rise graph in 2011 ranked her as 7th most powerful celebrity with earnings of $45 million. She also earns a good deal of money each year by selling over 20 million albums and 41 million digital tracks worldwide.

Hence, she is one of the best selling music artists all over the world. Apart from that, she is affiliated with some reputed brands like Target, Sony, Cover girl, Elizabeth Arden, American Greetings and Walmart. Taylor Swift owns 4 luxurious mansions namely Nashville Condo, Beverley Hills Home, Nashville Mansion and Cape Code Beach Town.

Her splendid collections of cars include Audi R8,Mercedes Benz Viano,Porsche 911 Turbo and Chevy Silverado.

In a nutshell, it can be said that she is a global superstar. Her promising attitude and ambitious nature set her class apart from her contemporaries in music arena. Taylor Swift stands as an inspiration to all those young girls who desire to achieve something in their lives with their own efforts.