Susan Boyle Net Worth 2019

Who is Susan Boyle and what is her net worth 2019? The Scottish singer gained her international fame, as a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent’s 2009 season. She released her first album ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ in 2009, which became the best selling debut album on the worldwide charts. She was loved in the show, because of her modest stage presence and angelic voice that mesmerised everyone. She made over $5 million, within the first year, after the reality talent show.

In 2010, her second album ‘The Gift’ followed the success of first. She became the third act to ever to US and UK charts twice the same year, which was followed by her third hit album, ‘Some to Watch Out’, which released in 2011. In 2010, she set the Guinness World Record for being the Oldest Female to hit the No.1 spot at UK Album Chart list, which she marked with her second albums.

Susan Boyle Net Worth

Early Life

Susan Magdalane Boyle was born in 1961 on 1st April to mother Bridget Boyle and father Patrick Boyce. During her birth she was deprived of oxygen and was later faced difficulty in learning. Due to this she was a victim of school bullying and nick named as “Susie Simple”. She has four siblings including two sisters, Brigid McCaw, Mary Brady Boyle and two brothers Gerry Boyle and John Boyle.

She was very close to her mother, as her dad died a little earlier, and all her siblings ran or left house, leaving the two ladies alone. She is graduated with very few qualifications and employed as a trainee cook in the kitchen of West Lothian College for. Susan refused for more than two to come out of her house after the death of mother at the age of 91. She has received her singing lessons from a well established singing coach Fred O’Neil.

She was raised in a Roman Catholic family, and she also sang in the church choir in Blackburn. She also took interest in the parish church’s pilgrimages to the Knock Shrine, County Mayo, Ireland She is still active at this church as a volunteer.

She still lives in her Blackburn family house, despite investing in a $300,000 house.
Susan has been dating her first boyfriend since November 2014, who is of the same age as her.

Education: She completed her schooling from a public school near her birth place. Later she attended Queen Margaret University in order to complete her graduation. She actively participated in musicals and performances during the educational phase of her life.

She also attended Edinburgh Acting School, where she flourished her theater and musical opera skills.

Net Worth of Susan Boyle

Susan has been riding on the fame horse since 2009, and is releasing hit after hit every year. She is estimated to have made over $5 million in her first year, handling the fame, this success was followed by her album releases in the following years. She has released over 6 albums, most of which peaked on the charts, earning her good album sales. She also manages to gain some extra income through her stage performances and guest appearances, the sweet chubby Scottish singer, has turned into a true celebrity now. The net worth of Susan Boyle is estimated to be $40 million.

She is a Philanthropist who is known for her charitable deeds. She has been a part of several charity performances, which raised money and awareness through music. She was a part of ‘Everybody Hurts’, a song put together to give a tribute to the victims of Haiti earthquake in 2010. She has also performed on BBC radio for Comic Relief and Sports Relief.

In late 2013, Susan announced that she has been diagnosed with syndrome called Asperger, on a BBC interview.

She actively participated in the ‘Better Together’ campaign, which supported United Kingdom to keep Scotland as a part of the nation in independence referendum held in 2014. She is a proud Scot, who loves her country heritage, and however considers that the changes would be unnecessary. This upset a few fans, who couldn’t give the singer, a freedom of free will or speech.

The singer has gone under a makeover, and is looking better than ever, she has lost quite a lot of weight, and is looking confident and beautiful.

She has gained so much fame in less than a decade in the industry, this is a reflection of her singing talent which doesn’t require any auto tune. She is unconventionally authentic to her style and music, which sets her apart from the rest of the world. We hope she continues to make more music, providing serenity to our souls with her enticing melody.