Steven Tyler Net Worth

Who is Steven Tyler and what is his net worth 2018? Steven Tyler is a singer who is the member of the band ‘Aerosmith’. He is the lead singer of the band and is also a former TV judge, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. He has been referred as the ‘Demon of Screamin’. He has served as one of the judges of ‘American Idol’ and has also made guest appearances on other TV shows and films. He has produced a number of hits like “Dream On”, “Walk This Way”, and “Sweet Emotion”. He has given multi-platinum albums including ‘Pump’, ‘Nine Lives’, ‘Get a Grip’ and ‘Permanent Vacation’.

Steven Tyler was born as Steven Victor Tallarico on March 26, 1948, in Manhattan, New York. He was born to parents Victor A. Tallarico and Susan Ray. His father was a musician and pianist who used to teach music at the Cardinal Spellman High School, the Bronx and his mother was a secretary. When he was nine years old, his family relocated to Yonkers. When he was 17, he used to spend time in Greenwich Village in New York and saw a concert by Rolling Stones. He went to Roosevelt High School and then later enrolled in the Leonard Quintano for Young Professionals School.

Steven Tyler Net Worth 2018-2019

In 1975, Steven Tyler was in a relationship with Julia Holcomb. He also had a relationship with Bebe Buell and is the father of actress Liv Tyler. In 1978, Tyler was married to Cyrinda Foxe. Together, they are the parents of Mia Tyler. The couple divorced in 1987 and a year later he married Teresa Barrick. With her, he has two children named Taj Monroe Tallarico and Chelsea Anna Tallarico. They divorced in 2006.

In 1979, Steven Tyler met Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry and decided to form the band ‘Aerosmith’. In 1973, they released their debut album and in 1974 it was followed by ‘Get Your Wings’. In 1975, they released ‘Toys in the Attic’ and a year later ‘Rocks’ was released’. In 1976, the band released hit singles like “Back in the Saddle”, “Home Tonight”, and “Last Child”. A year later, they released their album ‘Draw the Line’.

In 1978, Steven Tyler made his debut in the movie ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. In 1979, Perry left Aerosmith and was replaced by Jimmy Crespo. In 1982, they released another album called ‘Rock in a Hard Place’. Perry reunited with the band again in 1985 and they released ‘Done with Mirrors’.

In 1987, they released ‘Permanent Vacation’ which became a multi-platinum album with a number of hits. This was followed by ‘Pump’ which too became a major commercial success. In 1993, Aerosmith released their album ‘Get a Grip’ which sold over 15 million copies. It included singles like “Crazy”, “Eat the Rich”, “Amazing”, and “Livin’ on the Edge’.

In 1994, the band performed in almost 240 shows in 30 countries. Their album ‘Nine Lives’ was released in 1997 and it went on to become a double platinum album. In 2005, Steven Tyler sang the song “Just Feel Better” by Santana. He replaced Simon Cowell for American Idol Season 10.

With Aerosmith, Steven Tyler has won numerous awards including 4 Grammys out of 17 nominations. They have also won 6 American Music Awards and 2 Teen Choice Awards. They have won 4 Billboard Music Awards and 10 MTV Video Music Awards. Steven Tyler has also won an Emmy Award in 2011 for ‘Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program’.

Steven Tyler Net Worth

Steven Tyler has had a wonderful career a singer. With Aerosmith, he has released many platinum sales albums. He has inherited good wealth by the sales of his records. Steven Tyler’s net worth is an estimated $140 million. He has also performed at various venues and has appeared in many TV shows including ‘American Idol’.

He has also appeared in the music videos “It Feels So Good” and “Love Is Your Name”. Tyler has collaborated with other artists like Alice Cooper, Pink, Santana, Orianthi, and Keith Anderson for their singles. In 2016, he released his album ‘We’re All Somebody from Somewhere’.

Steven Tyler is the cousin of Video Games Live creator Tommy Tallarico. He underwent a throat surgery in 2006. He also had Hepatitis C in 2003.